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ISN Video Legacy Project

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This project is dedicated to the archival preservation of the memories and observations of some of the greatest individuals in the history of nephrology.

It is a compilation of video and audio interviews with nephrologists  from all over the world. The concept was established and developed by Stewart Cameron (UK, ISN President, 1993-95) ) and Kim Solez (Canada).  Starting  in the 1990s, the project now has an archive of unique and fascinating interviews with giants of nephrology, some of whom are now deceased. The interviews  capture the observations and memories of these pioneers,  and thus show us  how nephrology became established all over the world  in the last 50 years as a distinct speciality.  

Over the months to come, we will be releasing these interviews one by one on the ISN Gateway in an easily accessible format, which we are sure will provide much pleasure and interest.


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