CKDu in Sri Lanka

Adeera Levin, Marcello Tonelli and David Harris represented ISN at a three-day workshop sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO), which took place in April in Colombo and focused on the epidemic of chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu). This is afflicting a large number of agricultural workers in Sri Lanka, particularly in the North and Central provinces.

Although it is similar to CKDu in other parts of the world, Sri Lankan CKDu has some unique features which set it apart. The Sri Lankan government is committed to discovering the cause(s) of this disease and implementing effective programs for its treatment and prevention.

Pictured here with Adeera, Marcello and David are (L to R) Prof. Saroj Jayasinghe, from the University of Colombo, Dr Latiff Nazar, President of the Sri Lankan Society of Nephrology, Dr Chula Herath, President-elect of the Sri Lankan Society of Nephrology and Dr Georgi Abraham, member of ISN’s South Asia Regional Board.

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