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Issa Alsalmi

I have a long clinical experience since 1993 and worked at various hospitals and countries. I covered both general internal medicine and renal medicine patients at both acute and chronic presentations. I worked in endocrinology and diabetes care and diabetic centre for years before joining nephrology. My interest in diabetes was since student time with great dedication for clinical and research components and number of publications and meetings.

I review dialysis patients as in patients and outpatients and discuss their various medical problems at regular meetings. We, regularly, review cases for kidney transplantation and follow our transplanted patients very closely and manage various medical problems that associate with their diseases and transplant. In addition, I review patients as referrals from various medical, surgical and psychiatric departments with various diagnostic and management challenges.

In addition, we have many patients on dialysis that we follow up regularly. Also, we managed many patients as acute dialysis within and outside the intensive care units. We have regular daily morning meeting with acute medical intake units. We have twice weekly ground round meeting of our entire unit in patients. We held regular weekly journal club the latest update in renal medicine. Furthermore, we have monthly histopathology meeting to discuss all biopsy cases. We have nephrology forum meeting once every two months. In addition, we discuss any concern about patients from out-patients clinics during the ground round meetings.

I have a great interest in the clinical work, health system organisation and management, education and research. I have a long experience in clinical education for students, junior doctors, nurses and paramedics. I have a very good background in research since 1995 and resulted in number of publications. I participate in quality assurance practices at various levels of clinical and administrative levels and departments.

In addition to my work at medical department as a Physician/Nephrologist, I regularly have meeting with vascular surgeon, urologist and ICU staff regarding management of patients with acute and chronic kidney diseases. Also, I review regularly patients in general surgical words, urology, vascular wards and gynaecological words. We held regular meeting to discuss the issues of transplantation and patients’ admission and transplant list.

Ekamol Tantisattamo

Ekamol Tantisattamo  graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand. He has specialty training in internal medicine at the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine and sub-specialty training in nephrology at Emory University School of Medicine.  Special interest in clinical transplantation, went to transplant nephrology fellowship training at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. He is currently a staff physician at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine in Michigan. He is nterested in clinical research in the areas of nephrology and transplantation including clinical hypertension, clinical pancreas-kidney transplantation, transplant renal artery stenosis, Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral Bone Disorder (CKD-MBD) post-kidney transplantation, vascular calcification.

Collective Member Societies

The Collective Membership category allows nephrology societies to sign up their members collectively. Societies who wish to be eligible for the special annual rate must sign up at least 75% of their total membership. These members are entitled to all benefits of a regular individual membership.

ISN Collective Member Societies benefit from the following privileges:

  • Priority consideration to pitch for the organization of joint events (ISN Forefronts Symposia, ISN Nexus Symposia, ISN World Congress of Nephrology).
  • Priority endorsement of congresses, courses and events.
  • Possibility to announce congresses, courses and events on the ISN website.
  • Receive ISN Connect quarterly e-newsletter, which includes privileged information about ISN strategy, programs and leadership.
  • Societies’ members receive ISN member benefits (CLICK HERE for full list)

ISN has formed collective memberships with the below National Societies:

Australian & New Zealand Society of Nephrology (ANZSN) 

Optimal health and wellbeing for people with, or at risk of, kidney disease

To understand the causes of kidney disease and associated disorders and to better prevent, diagnose, and treat kidney and related diseases in Australia, New Zealand and across our region by:
Supporting kidney research across the full spectrum of basic science, clinical, health services and population health research
Providing education for physicians, trainees, scientists and allied health practitioners to ensure the highest professional standards in the practice of nephrology
Promoting high-quality care for all people with, or at risk of, kidney disease and their families and carers through education, advocacy and evidence-based practice

1. Commitment to excellence
2. Pursuit of knowledge
3. Adherence to transparency and integrity
4. Allegiance to collaboration and inclusiveness
5. Dedication to patient-focused care
6. Commitment to evidence-based medicine
7. Advocacy for equity and diversity

Canadian Society of Nephrology (CSN) 
 FINAL CSN logo  

The Canadian Society of Nephrology is a society of physicians and scientists specializing in the care of people with kidney disease, and in research related to the kidney and kidney disease.

All Canadians with or at risk of kidney disease will receive optimal patient-centerer care and achieve best outcomes

Working with partners, the CSN will:
Support the Canadian Scientific and Clinical Nephrology community in advancing the care of Canadians at risk for, or with kidney disease.
Create opportunities to share challenges, solutions, experiences, knowledge and best practices for those working in the field of kidney health and disease.
Encourage scholarly advancement of kidney health and disease in Canada by setting standards for kidney care and promoting research.
Support Canadian Nephrologists at all stages of their career by promoting and providing high quality continuing education and professional development.

Dutch Federation of Nephrology (NfN) 


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Hong Kong Society of Nephrology (HKSN) 
 HKSN logo

The Hong Kong Society of Nephrology was established since 1979. It is a professional organization consisting of doctors, nurses and other allied health staff who are interested in renal diseases.

Main objectives of the Society:
1. To promote the interest in and a better understanding of Nephrology in Hong Kong.
2. To provide a venue for discussion of problems related to Nephrology.
3. To endeavour to improve the standard of Nephrology care.
4. To provide a means of liaison with workers in Nephrology in other parts of the world.

HKSN has hosted these International Meetings:
Asian Pacific Congress of Nephrology 1995 First Asian Chapter Meeting of the ISPD 2002 First ISN Conference on Prevention of Progression of Kidney Diseases 2004 The 11th Congress of ISPD 2006 The 2nd Congress of the International Society for Hemodialysis 2009 ISN World Congress of Nephrology 2013 The 1st International Congress of Chinese Nephrologists 2015


Iranian Society of Nephrology (IrSN) 


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Israeli Society of Nephrology & Hypertension (ISNH) 


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Peruvian Society of Nephrology 
 Logo SPN2016 1  

About the Peruvian Society of Nephrology: 
We are a civil association called “Peruvian Society of Nephrology” with legal personality under private law, non-profit, incorporated under the laws in force. Recognized by the Medical College of Peru and listed on the National Register of Scientific Medical Institutions CMP No. 640716-SM-01. Our headquarters is located in the City of Lima, Peru.
Established on July 16, 1964.

To encourage the further development of nephrology in Peru, promoting studies, research and teaching of this specialty.

Being one of the leading scientific medical institutions.

Philippine Society of Nephrology 
 Philippine Society of Nephrology Logo

The Philippine Society of Nephrology (PSN) is a premier organization of physicians who care for adult and pediatric patients with kidney disease, respected and recognized for adherence to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in the field of nephrology. It supports its members in an inclusive and cohesive manner to enable them to be ethical, compassionate, excellent, and globally-competitive, as they dedicate themselves to serve their patients with the best quality care.

The PSN is a dynamic partner of medical and non-medical professional societies, government and non-government organizations, and a foremost source of current knowledge and information with regard to renal health and disease. It is committed to excellent and innovative care for patients, and to being an active participant in initiating, promoting and coordinating renal related public health policies and programs that are geared towards ensuring awareness, prevention, and treatment of renal disease among the Filipino people.


South African Renal Society 


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Spanish Society of Nephrology (SEN) 

Created in 1964, the Spanish Society of Nephrology (S.E.N.) has over 2000 members, increasing year by year.

The main objectives of our Society are: 1) the integrated management of CKD, with active programs for HD, On- line HDF, PD and Renal Transplantation. 2) Continuous Medical Education programs for our fellows and affiliated members and, especially, for young nephrologists. It also includes many different meetings and on-line education topics and boards. 3) The maintenance of an active research-grant program, with a total amount of over 280.000 ˆ/year and also the patronage of our SENEFRO Foundation of independent clinical trial for researchers who have not the industry support. 4) The maintenance of our first publication, NEFROLOGIA Journal, in Spanish but also in English in the web version.

The Society has 17 working groups, many of them with important activities.

We are members of the board of the EURECAm and maintain close relations with some other European and Ibero-Latin America national societies and also with the ASN, ISN and the IS of Transplantation.

We are in close relation with the Spanish Transplant Organization of the Ministery of Health (ONT), registering the annual data for the management of CKD-5 D or T.

We also celebrate an annual Congress with 1100 delegates.

Swiss Society of Nephrology (SSN) 
 Logo Huge  

The Swiss Society of Nephrology (SSN) was established in 1969 and has now more than 200 members, including nephrologists, pediatricians and basic scientists.

SSN missions are dedicated to ameliorating prevention and treatment of kidney diseases in Switzerland by:

– Educating health professionals. SSN sets the curriculum for the title of specialist in nephrology in Switzerland and the rules for continuous education, in accordance with federal laws. SSN organizes an annual scientific meeting and promotes several educational meetings.

– Advancing research on kidneys diseases. SSN supports basic and clinical research through the Swiss Kidney Foundation. SSN promotes excellence in research by awarding an annual publication price. SSN endorses activities of various working groups, including one on genetic diseases.

– Advocating for access to quality care. SSN advocates at the federal and state levels for access to quality care and especially to dialysis and transplant programs. SSN runs the National Dialysis Registry, a quality program for dialysis.

SSN built tight links with international networks over time and holds collective membership at the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) since 2005.


More Information

Should you have any questions regarding our partnerships, please contact Rik Bollaert ([email protected]) at the ISN Global Headquarters.

Pranaw Kr. Jha

Pranaw Kr. Jha is a Consultant in Department of Nephrology and Renal Transplant Medicine at Medanta-The Medicity, which is a busy transplant center in India performing around 300 transplants a year. He has published papers in various peer-reviewed journals and authored chapters in books as well. He is also reviewer for nephrology journals. He has presented papers in various conferences such as WTC, CAST, WCN, and ISOT. He is actively involved in nephrology fellow and resident training at Medanta. His area of interest spans various aspects of renal transplantation, hemodialysis and chronic kidney disease. He has keen interest in ABO incompatible and paired kidney exchange transplants.

Current profession titles, position, and institution as well as years of appointment:

  • Consultant, 
  • Department of Nephrology and Renal Transplant Medicine, 
  • Kidney and Urology Institute
  • Medanta-The Medicity, 
  • Gurgaon, India
  • (2011 – current)

Clinical interests and expertise:

  • ABO incompatible renal transplant
  • Paired kidney exchange
  • Donor pool expansion
  • Hemodialysis
  • Chronic kidney disease


  • Papers in various peer-reviewed journals
  • Chapters in book on various topics such as approach to kidney diseases, contrast induced nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy
  • Paper presentations in various conferences including WTC, CAST, WCN, ISNCON, ISOT

Language spoken: English, Hindi

Level of mentoring preferred: medical student, resident trainee, fellow trainee, and junior faculty

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