Congratulations to the Egyptian Society of Nephrology
which held its very successful meeting attended by 400 in Sharm
El Sheikh
. A major theme was glomerulonephritis and speakers included Bill
Couser, Dan Cattran, Hugh Brady and Paolo Schena. The meeting was well organized by Magdi
Soliman, Adel Afifi, Assem El Sherif and their whole team. ISN was well profiled and
recognized. In 2004 ESN will meet February 10-14th with the Arab Society of Nephrology and
Renal Transplantation (ASNRT) representing 25 countries in North Africa and the Middle


ISN COMGAN congratulates the APCN
on an excellent 9th Congress in Pattaya,
. President Kim, Congress President, Visith Sitprija,
Organization Chairman Kriang Tungsanga and all their colleagues had a
superb scientific meeting attended by 1400: 700 from 35 countries and
700 from Thailand. ISN was represented by Bob Atkins, Jan Weening, Bob
Schrier, Kim Solez, Lawrence Chan, John Dirks and several others. Special
gratitude is expressed to Bob Atkins who gave 5 lectures filling in brilliantly
at the last minute. The next APCN Congress will be in conjunction with
the ISN Congress in Singapore June 26-30, 2005.


ISN COMGAN made its first site visit to meet with nephrologists in Myanmar. The delegates led by Tony Clarkson included Bob
Atkins, Bob Schrier, Randall Faull, John Dirks all of whom participated in a two day CME
session in the beautiful capital of Yangon, attended by 300 and one day in Mandalay
attended by 200. COMGAN and the University of Adelaide intend to develop a regular
relationship with nephrology in Myanmar. A major clinical issue relates to acute renal
failure due to viper bites with over 300 cases per year. The visit stimulated a study of
the treatment of ARF and will open the door for educational visits for the future.


ISN COMGAN stimulated the first nephrology meeting in Brunei,
. The meeting was organized by Dr. Affendy, Director General and
Dr. Dwarakanathan and was attended by 300 physicans and nurses. ISN was represented by
Michael Field, Bob Schrier and John Dirks. Bob Schrier’s presence was widely appreciated
at all ISN visit locations. Brunei, with a population of 330,000, has 336 patients on
hemodialysis and opportunities for prevention of kidney disease due to diabetes and
hypertension were discussed.

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The 15th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Association of
(NAN) took place in Enugu Feb 20-22nd and was attended by 200.
ISN was excellently represented by Rafique Moosa of Stellenbosch and Meguid El Nahas of
Sheffield, UK. We are grateful to Dr. Kadiri, Dr. Aderibigbe and Ebun Bamgboye for their
organization. ISN greatly appreciated the commitment by our members to participate despite
difficulties of travel.

John Dirks, MD


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