NOTE:  The first deadline for submitting applications for ISN model links was 1 April 2000. Five model links have been selected and a number of remaining applications are still under review. New applications will also be accepted until all funds have been assigned.


ISN Model Sister Program

Applications for Model Renal Sister Exchange Programs Supported by the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) Commission for Global Advancement of Nephrology (COMGAN)

ISN has launched a model renal sister linkages program because of the enormous need in this area and the heterogeneity of submissions received so far. 10 centers (2 in each of the 5 subcommission regions: Africa, Asia, CIS-Middle East, Eastern and Central Europe, Latin America) will receive $5000 USD to facilitate the exchange, likely for a duration of 3 years.

It is intended that renal units in developed parts of the world offer training facilities, teaching support, technology transfer and further help to renal centers in emerging countries to create centers of clinical and academic excellence in their respective countries.

SUBMISSIONS for support through the program should include:

1. Written commitment of the center in both the developed and developing country as well as any support from local, regional or national societies or organizations willing to participate in sponsorship, including financial support. Please ensure that all current contact information is provided (tel/fax/e-mail/address etc.)

2. Statements on academic affiliation of the applicant.

3. Description of local training facilities and training and career programs

4. Availability of ancillary services, e.g.

The renal sister linkage program envisages mutual exchange for limited periods of time for middle echelon nephrologists

(Mother/Sister Centers)
- training
- teaching
- technology transfer

and vice versa

- accommodation of trainees from sister centers in mother centers for training for limited periods of time. eg. weeks/months

The applying centers can be visited by members of COMGAN and final decisions will be made by the COMGAN committee.

It is expected that the sister center will organize (regional and supra-regional) postgraduate educational meetings, start programs for the prevention of renal disease and develop initiatives to make the public aware of renal disease and hypertension.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Model Sister support is for existing ISN Sister links. To establish such an official sister link, please contact the Global Headquarters at the address below or click here for detailed information and application forms.

DOWNLOAD Renal Sisters Exchange Program Application Form (MS Word97)
If you have trouble downloading the form, please contact the Global Headquarters.

Submissions should be sent to the ISN Global Headquarters to the attention of:

Prof. Eberhard Ritz
C/O ISN Global Headquarters
Avenue des Gaulois 7
B-1040 Brussels
Tel: +32.2.7431546
Fax: +32.2.7431550
E-mail: [email protected]

last modification: December 22, 2001