World Congress of Nephrology Post-Conference Meeting

Renal Disease in Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups

An official post-conference meeting of the ASN/ISN World Congress of Nephrology
Sponsored by the International Society of Nephrology, the American Society of Nephrology and the NIH/NIDDK

The Eldorado Hotel
Santa Fe, New Mexico
October 19-20, 2001

The program will be held in a plenary session throughout. Free communications should be submitted in the first instance as abstracts. Those selected will be able to display their work as posters for the duration of the conference. Posters should be mounted by 6 pm on Thursday 18 October at the Eldorado Hotel, where they will be displayed close to the conference hall and adjacent to the area where lucnh and coffee breaks will be taken. Two prizes of US$500 will be awarded to the best posters.

The registration fee is $150 (US).

The increasing epidemic of progressive renal disease in the developing world is still largely unappreciated, as is the contribution that renal disease makes to other chronic health problems such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This post-conference meeting joins those who are researching the basis of renal disease with practitioners working in the field, both in the formal sessions of the meeting and informally in the city of Santa Fe. The meeting aims to build a bridge from nephrologists to patients, the governments and funding agencies who all support the continuing struggle against kidney disease.

President: Barry Brenner
Chairman: John Dirks
Program Director: David Pugsley

More details on the program and registration forms will be posted on this and the Congress Web site as new information becomes available. For more information on this meeting, or to be placed on the mailing list, please contact Dr. David Pugsley at [email protected] or fax 61 8 8222 6026 or by mail at Renal Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woodville, South Australia, 5011 AUSTRALIA

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