ISN Forefronts in Nephrology



Immunology and Renal Diseases
2-5 June 2003 , Groß Dölln (60 km north of Berlin), Germany.
Held in conjunction with the World Congress of Nephrology (8-12 June) in Berlin.
Topics: • Basic immunology • Immunological mechanisms in autoimmune diseases, glomerulonephritis and after transplantation • New immunotherapeutic strategies • Immunological tolerance • Immunoregulation by T cell subsets. Organisers: M. Goldman (Brussels, Belgium) U. Kunzendorf (Kiel, Germany)

Past Forefronts


1. B. Stieger, G. Friedl�nder and H. Murer organised a meeting entitled 'ABC Cassette Proteins in Epithelial Physiology', April 20-25, 2002, in Ascona, Switzerland.

2. A second meeting was held in the US, related to 'Human Genetics and Genomics after the Human Genome Project'.


Vicky Cattell and Josef Pfeilschifter ( [email protected]) organized a meeting on ‘NO and Renal Inflammation’ at St. Johns College in Cambridge (UK) from August 2 – 5, 2001..


1. 'Gene Therapy', held in Beaver Creek, Colorado, USA, June 5-6 and organized by  Paul Klotman. It was organized as a satellite to a large ‚Gene Therapy Meeting‘ (Denver, June 9).

Forefront Program (pdf file).
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2. 'Regulation of Membrane Proteins: life in the cell'
This meeting was organized by Sei Sasaki, Yoshihisa Kurachi and Susumu Seino. The meeting was held at the Shonan Village Center, Hayama-machi, Kanagawa (JAPAN), September 21st – 24th.


Nicolette Farman, Fran�ois Verrey, Haim Garty, Bernhard Rossier and John Funder had organized a meeting entitled ‘News in Aldosterone Action’. It was held in Ch�teau de Montvillargenne near Paris, August 15 – 18, 1999. Approximatively 100 participants discussed in 8 symposia (over 50 oral communications; ~30 posters) the recent discoveries on genomic and non-genomic actions of aldosterone action. A major emphasis was given to pathophysiological aspects/mechanisms, including the development and characterization of different transgenic animal models. The meeting was superb, not only with its outstanding scientific program but also with its ‚charming‘ local arrangements. Publication of the symposium will appear in early 2000 in Kidney International.


1.   ‘In and Out of Control: The Regulation of Renal Cell Growth’. The conference was organized by Pat Preisig, Jim Roberts and Bernd Sterzel and held at the Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Tenton National Park, Wyoming, from June 13-16, 1998.

2. ‘Channelopathies’: The conference was organized as a joint meeting ISN-Forefront/ASN Basic Science and held at a location 45 minutes outside Philadelphia in the Appalachian Mountains. The conference began immediately after the ASN annual meeting on Wednesday, October 28th and  ended on Saturday, October 31st. Organizers of this conference were Steve Hebert, Al George, Bill Guggino and Bruce Stanton.

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