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The news YouTube Ad Blitz 2011 lets you watch, share and rate Super Bowl ads

Harry Potttrer

Saturday, 12 Feb 2011 05:59

While I’m not a huge sports fan, I can appreciate a good ad when I see one; and the Super Bowl sometimes feels like it’s as much about the ads as it is about the sport.

YouTube Ad Blitz is an official YouTube channel going strong since 2007, with over 21 million channel views. It shows all Super Bowl commercials, uploaded instantly once they’re broadcast in-game. Saw an ad you liked? Now you can watch it again! Better yet, the channel makes it super-easy to share ads with friends who missed them during the game.

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A big part of the fun is being able to vote for your favorite commercials; it’s actually an official contest, with rules written up by lawyers and all. The contest goes on until Feb 14th, and you can vote as you watch, using the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons on each video.

At any rate, contest or no contest, this is a beautiful showcase of the latest and greatest in advertising.


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