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New features about Apple iPad 2, iPad 2 review, how to pay DVD on iPad 2

Harry Potttrer

Wednesday, 02 Mar 2011 10:39

We all know that Apple will release iPad 2 today. As a iPad fans want do we want to know about iPad 2?

1. Will Jobs appear iPad 2 event?
Job Speculation is rife that Jobs will attend the event, despite skipping many Apple events, including the company’s annual shareholders meeting, since he went on medical leave in January.

“According to several sources close to the situation, Apple CEO Steve Jobs–who is on a health-related leave from the company–is definitely considering an appearance at its big iPad 2 event tomorrow,” All Things Digital said in a report.

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In my opinion, if Jobs attend the event tonight, he will be the bigger news than iPad 2.

2. What are the new features about iPad2?
There are some new features has been confirmed or not for iPad 2.
1. Front facing camera with Facetime support and 5-8MP Rear end camera with LED Flash.
2. Higher resolution screen display
3. Retina display with new multi-touch capabilities and higher screen resolution.
4. More convenient USB connectability

5. Micro SD Card slot up to 32GB.
6. Bluetooth 3.0
7. Thinner in size and lighter in weight.
8. seven-inch job and thinner model with a powerful processor.
9. Support for 4G LTE networks (only for USA).

3. The price of iPad 2
It said that iPad 2 will low 10 percent in price than iPad. So the price will be about $ 450.

4. How to play DVD or other incompatible video on iPad 2?
For the new iPad 2, it only support H.264 and MPEG-4, how to play DVD on iPad, or incompatible video on iPad2?
Some tools maybe can help you:

1. Free Handbrake

rip DVD to MP4 or H.264. Read more about “how to free rip DVD to iPad 2”?

2. Blu-ray to iPad 2 Ripper Mac, Read more how to rip/convert “Blu-ray M2TS to iPad 2 on Mac”? OS X

3. DVD to iPad 2 Ripper Mac, Read more How to convert/”play DVD on iPad2 with DVD to iPad Converter”?

4. iPad HD Video Converter, Read more how to get “HD Videos to iPad on Mac”? OS X

iPad 2 launch is happening:
11:30PM – India
06:00PM – London
07:00PM – Paris
09:00PM – Mosco
03:00AM – Tokyo (March 3rd)
05:00AM – Sydney (March 3rd)

Updated 02 Mar 2011

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