Free DVD Ripper: topic

Free DVD Ripper: topic

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How to rip DVD with Handbrake-the free DVD Ripper Software?

Harry Potttrer

Monday, 20 Sep 2010 04:09

In various forums, how to rip DVD with the Free DVD Ripper– Handbrake is becoming a hot topic. So I make a comprehensive introduction and analysis about ripping DVD with the free DVD ripper-Handbrake.

Part 1: How to rip DVD with Free DVD Ripper?

Free download the latest version of Handbrake 0.9.4 and run it.

Step 1. Insert DVD
In the drop down list of ?ˆ?Source?ˆ? button, you can get three choices ?ˆ?Video File?ˆ?,?ˆ? DVD/VIDEO_TS Folder?ˆ?,?ˆ? DVD Drive Option?ˆ?.
You can click the later two options to load DVD files to Handbrake.

Step 2. Set output destination and format
Set output destination: Click ?ˆ?Browse?ˆ? to choose a folder in you computer for saving output files.
Set output format: Choose .mp4 or .mkv as the output format.

Step 3. Start to free rip DVD with Handbrake
All things done, Click ?ˆ?Start?ˆ? button to free rip DVD to .mp4 or .mkv files.

Learn more about Part I How to rip DVD with Handbrake?

Part 2. Analyze strength and weakness of ripping DVD with Handbrake.

After free ripping of DVD with Handbrake, we make a comprehensive record.

Read the Record of ripping DVD with Handbrake.

From the record, we can see Handbrake is a free and useful tool for ripping DVD, but it also has some limitations in output format, editing functions and video quality as below.

1. Strengthen:
1. Handbrake is a free DVD Ripper.
2. Handbrake is useful for all kinds of operation system: Window, Mac, Linux
3. Handbrake can rip DVD to MP4 and MKV
4. Handbrake can rip DVD for iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, and so on.

2. Weakness:
1. Only support MP4 and MKV as output format.
2. Can?ˆ™t rip DVD for uploading website like YouTube, MySpace, Facebook etc.
3. Can?ˆ™t preview when editing and converting DVD movies
4. It is complex and inconvenient to realize some setting functions like cropping.
5. Can?ˆ™t extract audio like MP3 from DVD.
6. Can?ˆ™t merge two DVD files together.
7. Can’t split files into some clips.

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      3. Preview
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