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Kidney day/night cycle

Joe McCleskey

Wednesday, 30 Jul 2008 16:04

What would cause the kidney day-night cycle to switch to a night-day cycle? How can the kidney produce significantly more urine when the subject is napping or sleeping than when he is up-awake-working?

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    • Up-Date; Have appt with Nephrologist Sept 25. Have had two ultra sounds & a CAT scan plus 24 hr urine collection plus blood tests. The scans found bilateral renal cysts, including a parapelvic cyst in the lower pole of the left kidney. Have not had an explanation of what this means or could mean. Will let you know next week what the doc says.

    • Not sure if anyone is reading this, but, I did see a Nephrologist today. He has discussed my case with my Urologist who does not feel that there is any problems that relate to frequent night voiding. Actually my urology problems (prostate cancer & treatment) are getting much better. So, the ultra sounds, cat scan, blood, & urine tests did not show any thing. He only had two suggestions, drink less water, and the other was desmopression(?) We agreed not to try the D approach. He has no ideas as to why and has not seen anything like this. In the past two weeks, I’ve learned how much water to drink & am taking 2 Tylenol PM’s at bed time. Have been able to limit night voiding to 2 to 3 times over a seven hour period. A couple of months ago, was getting 4 to 5 hrs/night interrupted sleep, now can get 6 to 7 hrs/night of interrupted sleep. There are several other problems on my plate from radiation treatment last year, and I’m not handling them very well.

    • Friday night, Oct. 10, 2008
      I’ve had a number of problems in addition to the frequent night voids, depression a major problem. I was put on Fluoxetine 10 mg/day on 9/25/08. I’ve been on this med for two weeks. Last Sunday night, I was only up one time. This week, I’ve only been up 1 or two times/night. I am passing more urine during the day and much less at night. My PCP has no idea what is happening, but this week I’ve had the longest sleep cycle I’ve ever had in the past two years. The frequent night voids have become a non-problem.

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