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How to join/merge/combine multiple MP3 files on Snow Leopard?

Athna Athna

Friday, 02 Jul 2010 03:55

Have got multiple separate MP3 clips and would like to join them into a larger single file? There are various options can do the task, but you care more about is the output audio quality and the ease of operation? How to get two MP3 tracks combined seamlessly without leaving small gap or overwriting a fraction of the tracks with an easy to use utility?

MP3 Joiner Mac is the practical and simple to use application designed for Mac uses to join MP3 files Mac. With Mac MP3 Joiner, you can efficiently join/merge/combine various separate MP3 clips/segments into a bigger file with excellent output quality.

How to join/merge/combine multiple MP3 files on Snow Leopard?

1.Download the trial version of MP3 Joiner Mac for free, install and launch it.

2.Add MP3 files.
Tips: Make sure that they are added in right orders because the output file will be joined according to the file list from top to bottom.
Click “Add file” button to load multiple MP3 files at once under the batch conversion function.

3.Join MP3 files Mac.
Check “Merge into one file” to join all your separate MP3 clips/segments into one complete file.

4.Merge MP3 files Mac.
Press “Convert” button to combine MP3 files Mac.

The differences between M4A and M4P.

The M4A format is the Audio-only MPEG-4 files. iTunes Plus tracks are encrypted and use .m4a accordingly. MPEG-4 audio files that include copyright protection, such as those sold through the iTunes Store, typically have an .M4P extension.

In January 2009, Apple announced that all music would be available in the iTunes Plus format, bringing an end to the sale of music with DRM on iTunes. It means that you are now available to transfer all your favourite music purchased from iTunes Store to your MP3 or MP4 players besides Apple’s Media players iPod and iPhone.

iTunes M4A to MP3 Mac is the unique MP3 Converter designed for Mac users. Its powerful and professional function allows you to convert the unencrypted M4A music audios bought from iTunes Store to MP3 format for transferring to your MP3 or MP4 players like: Sansa, Sony Walkman , Zune, Creative Zen, etc. You are also allowed to burn the converted MP3 to CD or insert them in your Slideshow.

How to convert iTunes M4A to MP3 Mac for MP3/MP4 players on Mac OS X?

1.Free Download and install the trial version of iTunes M4A to MP3 Mac.

2.Import M4A audio files.
Launch Mac M4A to MP3 and load M4A audio files from your iTunes with the application.

3.Specify the output file format and output folder.
Select MP3 as the output file format and Click “Browse” to choose a destination on your Mac to save the converted audio files.

4.Merge separate files.
Check “Merge into one file” to join the separate M4A audio files into one single files.

5.Converting iTunes M4A to MP3 Mac.
Start to convert the purchased M4A music audios to MP3 for your Sansa, Sony Walkman, Zune, Creative Zen.

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    • You have downloaded few excellent AVI movies off the site, however, you find that the movies are broken into 2 or more individual files, you may wonder how to join them to a long or large one so as to view more conveniently.

      AVI Joiner Mac is an useful and simple to use editing program for Mac users to join or merge AVI files. Mac AVI Joiner supposes to join multiple separated or individual AVI files into a long or large AVI files. You are also available to drag and drop the videos to rearrange their order if necessary.

      How to join seperate/individual AVI files on Mac OS X?

      1.Free Download and install the trial version of AVI Joiner Mac.

      2.Load AVI files after launching Mac AVI Joiner.
      You can add multiple AVI files or other different videos files at the same time under the batch conversion mode.

      3.Set output format.
      Click”Profile” button to select the output AVI format and specify the output path to save the generated AVI files.

      4.Join AVI files Mac.
      Check”Merge into one file” on the main interface to join the separate or individual AVI files to a large video.

      5.Merge AVI files Mac by clicking “Convert” button.

      Want to split your large AVI files of TV/Movies into smaller parts so as to burn them to DVD disc and watch on your home DVD player. Or would you like to edit a file by taking out the useless clip in the beginning/middle/end? AVI Splitter Mac will provide a perfect solution to your problems.

      AVI Splitter Mac is the splendid and unique software designed for Mac users to split AVI files Mac. Mac AVI Splitter can efficiently split a large AVI files into 2 or more small parts or segments to burn to CD or DVD disc. The program also lets you trim out your unwanted clips in the beginning/middle/end.

      How to split large AVI files into small parts/segments on Mac OS X?

      1.Download the free trial version of AVI Splitter Mac, install and run it.

      2.Input AVI files with Mac AVI Splitter.

      3.Split AVI files.
      Change to on the left main interface, then you are available to split your large AVI file into 2 or more small parts, you can also remove the useless clips or shorten the video length by setting the starting time and end time.

      4.Click “Convert” button to cut AVI files Mac.

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