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Kurokawa named to
Japanese Council

Dr. Kiyoshi
Kurokawa, a longtime active member of ISN, was recently selected as the new
President of the Science Council of Japan. The event marks the first time that
a physician scientist has been invited for this prestigious post, representing
all science academies of Japan. In this function he will also serve as a member
of the Prime Minister’s Science and Technology Policy Committee.

A graduate
of the University of Tokyo, Dr. Kurokawa worked for several years in Japan before
making his way to the United States, where he served as an assistant professor
of medicine at both the University of Southern California and UCLA. Later, he
returned to Japan to teach at the University of Tokyo and Tokai University,
where he holds positions today as a Professor Emeritus, and Director and Professor,

Dr. Kurokawa’s
credentials include leadership positions in a legion of professional associations,
including the American College of Physicians, the Japanese Society of Nephrology,
the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology and the International Society of Nephrology.
Dr. Kurokawa served as the President of ISN from 1997-99.

In the public
sphere, he has occupied prominent positions in numerous councils and committees
in Japan, including the Executive Council for Health Care Policy (Ministry of
Health and Welfare), the Committee for Research Grants Policy (Office of the
Cabinet), and the Executive Committee for Life Sciences Research (National Space
and Development Agency). In 1999, he was inducted into the Order of Purple by
the Government of Japan for Excellence in Academic Achievements.

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