ISN Fellowship Program

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for more information on the ISN’s Matching Initiative which has been
designed for aiding potential Fellows who are interested in locating a suitable
host institution or Institutions who are willing to provide a placement to a
foreign fellow.

List of successful
Applicants Session 2003-2

Foundation: 1985 – Professor Claude Amiel, Paris.
Purpose: Offer training opportunities to young
nephrologists in emerging countries, with the ultimate goal of improving the standards of
their ‘home institutions’ upon their return.
Scholarships: * Full time awards (one year or more) – 50%
of the budget.
* Short term awards (2-6 months), e.g. for technical training of nurses or technicians
Budget: $800,000.
Funding: Approximately 2/3 is sponsored by ISN, and
1/3 by sister societies and industry.
Sponsors: American
Society of Nephrology
National Kidney Research Fund Great Britain (4)
Japanese Society of Nephrology (1)
Kirin Brewery Japan (1)
Bio Sidus Argentina (1 until
Fresenius Germany (1)
Chairman: Secretary-General of ISN – Dr. Rashad
Reviewers: The international Fellowship Committee
consists of the Chair and 5 other senior nephrologists representing the various
Selection procedure: Includes three phases:
a) Data verification: some information provided by the applicants is
verified and evaluated through correspondence with presidents of their national societies
or referees nominated by the applicants.
b) Evaluation: 5 members of the Committee (one from each continent) score
each application according to a standard format. The scoring system reflects the policies
and priorities defined by ISN.
c) Selection: twice a year by the Secretary-General, COMGAN Chairman and
an ISN Councilor from an emerging country.Selection is largely based on the scores, but
also considers geographical balance, urgent needs in certain regions, preference of
certain sponsors, etc. 

Titles after Training: ‘ISN Fellow’ for trainees
who successfully complete at least one-year training. 

for those who had a short term training.

Names or abbreviations of organizations specifically sponsoring
certain fellowships may be inserted in the title.


ISN Fellows have certain advantages
including free subscription to Kidney International for 1-2 years, priority in
selection for Congress travel grants, privileged renal sister links, library enhancement
program and others. These privileges are stated in the individual letters of completion of
training which also enclose colorful certificates.

Application Procedure: Use application form
elow for either the full term fellowship award or the short term fellowship award.
Please contact the Secretary-General’s office (address below) if you have any questions.

Deadlines for receiving applications are 31
January and July of each year. The selection is done in mid-May and mid-November
Contact Details:
Ms. Soha Fahmy
ISN Secretary-General’s Office
The Cairo Kidney Center
3 Hussein El-Memar Street, Antikhana
PO Box 91 Bab_El_Louk
11513 Cairo, Egypt.
Fax/Phone: + 20 2 579 0267
E-mail: [email protected]


Matching’ Initiative

As many young nephrologists in emerging countries are
unable to identify suitable host institutions for clinical or research training, ISN has
taken the initiative of trying to match the fellows’ needs with host-institution
potentials. Click here for current


The Fellowship Budget also includes ‘Visiting Scholarships‘ which
supports senior nephrologists from developed centers to visit developing units, spending
several weeks or months teaching and training the local staff.

of ISN Fellowship Awardees 1985-2000

of successful Applicants Session 2001-1

List of successful Applicants Session 2001-2

List of successful Applicants
Session 2002-1

of successful Applicants Session 2002-2

of successful Applicants Session 2003-1

of successful Applicants Session 2003-2

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