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ARF Satellite Symposium


Ghent 12-15 June 2003

Find below the lectures given at the ARF Symposim.

You can download all Power Point Presentations,

the authors authorise to use their presentations for educational purposes.

The authors would appreciate that their copy rights would be respected and that ?proper credits? would be attributed

Session I

. –

General Pathophysiology of ARF

  1. M. Goligorsky

    , New York, USA

Session II –

Pathology Consortium in ARF

  1. S. Rosen, Boston, USA

  2. P. Vandenabeele,

    Ghent, Belgium

  3. B. Molitoris

    , Indianapolis, USA

Session III

– Goormaghtigh Symposium

  1. H. Roels

    , Ghent, Belgium

  2. R. Blantz

    , San Diego, USA

Session IV

Experimental ARF

  1. A. Iaina

    , Tel Aviv, Israel

  2. C. Edelstein

    , Denver, USA

  3. M. De Broe

    , Antwerp, Belgium

Session V

Controversies and future perspectives in ARF

  1. J. Kellum

    , Pittsburg, USA

  2. R. Star

    , Bethesda, USA

  3. G. Chertow

    , San Francisco, USA

Session VI

Scoring systems and ADQI

  1. R. Lins

    , Antwerp, Belgium

Session VII

Renal replacement therapy in ARF

  1. W. Van Biesen

    , Ghent, Belgium

  2. D. Fliser,

    Hannover, Germany

Session VIII

ARF in children

  1. L. Monnens

    , Nijmegen, Netherlands

  2. T. Bunchman

    , Birmingham, USA

  3. J. Van de Walle

    , Ghent, Belgium

Session IX

ARF in tropical diseases

  1. K. Chugh

    , Chandigargh, India

  2. R. Basoum

    , Cairo, Egypt

  3. J. Clement

    , Leuven, Belgium

Session X –

ARF in the post-transplant patient

  1. R. Van Holder

    , Ghent, Belgium

  2. B. Van Vlem

    , Ghent, Belgium

  3. Y. Van Renterghem

    , Leuven, Belgium

Session XI

The association of ARF with liverdisease

  1. V. Arroyo,

    Barcelona, Spain

  2. U. Treiche

    l, Essen, Germany

Session XV

ARF and the septic patient

  1. N. Schor

    , Sao Paolo, Brasil

  2. P. Honore

    , Ottignies, Belgium

  3. A. Davenport

    , London, UK


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ISN History

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