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49 year old woman presents with accelerated hypertension, renal insufficiency and nephrotic range proteinuria

49 year old woman presents with accelerated hypertension, renal insufficiency and neprhotic range proteinuria.  What is your biopsy diagnosis?

16 August 2010

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FITC-Dextran clearance in vivo using confocal microscopic real-time fluorescence imaging

FITC-Dextran (70kda ) clearance  from a left rat kidney in vivo is perfomed using a revolutionary confocal microscopic real-time  fluorescence imaging. The device is the Five 1 (Optic scan system) which is equipped with a microprobe directely applied on the kidney.A cortical view allows to observe peritubular capillary network surrounding proximal tubule washout.


16 September 2008


The Lupus Interactive Educational Tool is provided by Genentech, Biogen Idec, and the International Society of Nephrology. This online version includes two modules containing animations, histology photos, and other resources to help you understand the pathology of lupus nephritis.   

08 September 2008

Case Presentation

Acute kidney injury caused by intravascular hemolysis after mechanical thrombectomy

In this Case Study, Dukkipati et al. describe a patient who sustained acute kidney injury as a consequence of hemoglobinuria secondary to intravascular hemolysis caused by the use of a percutaneous thrombectomy device to treat bilateral pulmonary emboli. The patient recovered normal renal function after management including hemodialysis and continuous venovenous hemodiafiltration, but the authors conclude that patients should be warned of the risk of acute kidney injury before mechanical thrombectomy is carried out using this device.

22 February 2009

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