Staff and Contact Information


Global Operations Center
Rue du Luxembourg 22-24
B-1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 213 13 67
Fax: +32 2 213 13 63

Americas Operations Center
12100 Sunset Hills Rd., Suite 130
Reston, VA 20190, United States
Tel: +1 703 234 41 11
Fax: +1 703 435 43 90

E-mail: [email protected]  


ISN Membership Related Affairs

(Kidney International & Nature Clinical Practice Nephrology Customer Service Support)

Katleen Gallagher
[email protected]
Tel: + 1 703 234 41 11

ISN Global Outreach (GO) Programs

(Fellowship Program, CME Program, Sister Renal Centers Program, Educational Ambassadors Program, Research & Prevention Program)

Sophie Dupuis
ISN Global Outreach Programs Manager
[email protected]
Tel: +32 2 213 13 67

Samantha Rens
ISN Global Outreach Programs Coordinator
[email protected]
Tel: +32 2 213 13 62

Annamaria Toth
ISN Global Outreach Programs Administrator
[email protected]
Tel: +32 2 213 13 67

ISN Society Management

Luca Segantini
Executive Director
[email protected]

Feriel Saouli
Society Manager
[email protected]

ISN Event Organisation

Anne Grist
Events Director
[email protected]

Jennifer Bateman
[email protected]

ISN Marketing, Newsletter and Press Related Affairs

Julie Cooper
[email protected]

Adeline Prieur
[email protected]

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