Vision, Mission & Values


The International Society of Nephrology aspires towards the elimination of kidney disease worldwide.


The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) is dedicated to advancing the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of kidney diseases in the developing and developed world.

It will achieve this philanthropic mission through collaborations, meetings, publications, outreach, and other activities that:

  • Raise public awareness of the importance of early recognition and treatment of kidney diseases
  • Connect professionals interested in kidney and related diseases around the world
  • Support research to achieve optimal care of people with kidney diseases
  • Provide nephrology education and training worldwide; and ultimately
  • Reduce the frequency and impact of kidney diseases and their associated conditions.


The International Society of Nephrology:

  • Values new knowledge and is committed to excellence in research, education, and patient care in the developed and developing world.
  • Will always act in a way that is politically neutral, humanitarian, and culturally diverse.
  • Values collegiality and interaction and is committed to diversity in membership, governance, committee structure, and programmatic activities.
  • Is committed to the scientific basis of nephrology and to advancing knowledge across all geographic, national, racial, religious and economic conditions.
  • Values the needs of nephrologists and their patients and is committed to achieving optimal standards of care worldwide.

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Donating to the Barbara L. and Robert W. Schrier Fund for Global Development in Nephrology is an easy way to help combat kidney disease around the world.

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