Awards, Prizes, Lectures, Grants

Lectures and Awards

The ISN presents several honorary awards that acknowledge exceptional contributions to nephrology. These awards are presented every two years at the World Congress of Nephrology (WCN).

Claude Amiel and Donald W. Seldin lectures are presented at the biennial World Congresses of Nephrology.

The Alfred Newton Richards Award recognizes outstanding basic research in fields relevant to nephrology.

Honorary Membership is conferred upon individuals who have made contributions of exceptional merit to ISN.

The Bywaters Award was established by the ISN Acute Kidney Injury Committee in order to recognize outstanding contributions to the understanding of acute renal failure.

The Jean Hamburger Award recognizes outstanding research in nephrology with a clinical emphasis.

The Roscoe R. Robinson Award was established to acknowledge outstanding achievements in the field of education in nephrology and medicine.

Prizes and Grants

The ISN Amgen International Prize for Therapeutic Advancement in Nephrology was established in 2003 by Amgen to recognize those who have increased the understanding and treatment of kidney disease through basic or clinical scientific research, leading to therapeutic advances.

The Lillian Jean Kaplan International Prize for the Advancement in the Understanding of Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), created in 2002, recognizes a medical professional or researcher exhibiting excellence and leadership in PKD research.

The Genzyme Renal Innovations Program (GRIP) distributes grants to researchers, clinicians and fellows in the field of nephrology. GRIP was established to support the advancement of medical knowledge and practice in kidney diseases through innovative research projects in nephrology.

To increase accessibility, ISN provides Travel Grants to its biennial World Congresses of Nephrology, the annual ISN Forefronts symposia and the Nexus symposia.

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