ISN Meetings

World Congress of Nephrology (WCN) 
ISN organizes WCN, the leading educational event in international nephrology, every two years in different regions of the world. WCN is targeted at the worldwide nephrology community, including physicians, academicians, and clinical researchers, as well as other healthcare professionals involved in multidisciplinary nephrology care. With attendance in the 1000s, each WCN aims to advance the education of physicians and other professionals, support the development of clinical research, and facilitate the delivery of high-quality healthcare.

Nexus Symposia
The Nexus Symposia are designed to bridge the gap between basic research and clinical practice. These meetings bring researchers and practitioners together to advance science and treatment around highly targeted and specific themes.

Forefronts Symposia
Recent scientific breakthroughs have led to science becoming increasingly more interdisciplinary. The ISN Forefronts Symposia provide a forum for much-needed scientific exchange, to help make nephrologists aware of the latest basic findings both inside and outside of nephrology.

Prevention Conferences
ISN's Prevention meetings vary in size and span the globe,  with content ranging from the strategic to the practical, these meetings all reflect the Society's ongoing commitment to prevention of renal disease as the only effective way of avoiding a global health catastrophe.

ISN's Continuing Medical Education (CME) meetings, orchestrated through ISN-COMGAN, bring essential teaching and training to some 14,000 doctors and health care practitioners in the developing world who would otherwise be limited in their exposure to formal nephrology education.

Endorsed Meetings
Beyond meetings organized by the Society, ISN endorses a number of high quality gatherings each year that share its mission of advancing nephrology around the globe.

All upcoming ISN events, endorsed meetings as well as meetings organised by partnering and related organizations can be located on the Global Events Calendar

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