Frequently Asked Questions


1. I am an ISN member, how do I access

You will need your email address and password in order to access the Nephrology Gateway, Kidney International, and NCP Nephrology online. By default, your password is your ISN MemberID. If you do not know your login details, please contact

In order to access the Nephrology Gateway you will need to associate your ISN membership with Click on MY ACCOUNT button in the top right of the screen and then log in using your username (your email address) and password (your ISN Member ID). You will now be able to add your ISN Membership ID by clicking on the SUBSCRIPTIONS tab and following the instructions on screen. Your Customer ID will always be ISN followed by your ISN member ID (ISN123456) Remember that you only have to do this once.

Once you have associated your ISN Membership ID to your account you will be able to gain access to Nephrology Gateway, Kidney International, and NCP Nephrology online by logging in with your login details to any PC with Internet access.


2. Where do I log in to view content?

You can view content by logging into the Nephrology Gateway via the red LOGIN at the top right hand corner, and from here follow links to Kidney International, and NCP Nephrology.


3. What content can I access?

An ISN member can access the entire contents of the Nephrology Gateway, including Kidney International and Nature Clinical Practice Nephrology, once he/she is logged in (via the reg LOGIN icon at the top right hand corner).


4. Where do I log in to change my account details?

If you would like to change details of your account - such as your e-mail address and work or home address details, you may do so via the 'My Account' pages (top righthand corner black navigation box). This will update your account details.


5. How do I renew my membership?

To renew your ISN membership online, click on the 'Renew' link under the right hand navigation entitled: 'ISN Membership'. This link will take you to the ISN hosted pages and for security reasons you will be required to log into the ISN secure pages before renewing. Once you have logged in, simply follow the process.


6. How can I subscribe to the Nephrology Gateway?

To subscribe to the Nephrology Gateway, and enjoy unlimited access to the portal's comprehensive content, you must be a member of ISN. To become a member of ISN (which includes a subscription to the Nephrology Gateway, Kidney International and NCP Nephrology amongst other benefits), click on the 'Application' link, listed under 'ISN Membership' in the right-hand navigation of the Nephrology Gateway.

This link will take you to the ISN new membership form; simply follow the on screen instructions to become a member.


7. I have recently become a member of ISN, but cannot LOGIN to the Nephrology Gateway because does not recognize my log in details.

Once you have submitted your membership to ISN, there will be a short delay while you details are transferred to This delay may be up to a maximum of 24 hours. As soon as your details are updated on and an account is created for you, will be able to access the Nephrology Gateway, Kidney International, and NCP Nephrology. Remember that as a new member you will have to associate your ISN membership with (go to Question 1).


8. I am asked to enter my email as username but I don't have an email address.

All accounts on use the e-mail address associated with that account as login, rather than a username. From April 2006, you will need an e-mail address and the password associated with that registered account to log on. The temporary ISN username will no longer be valid. Remember too that login details are case sensitive.

Until then, ISN members who do not have an email address will need to login using a temporary username made up of a concatenation of their current ISN username and password, e.g. Smith12345. Please note however, that from April 2006 new and existing ISN members will be asked to supply a valid e-mail address instead of using the temporary username to access the Nephrology Gateway.


9. Can I use my ISN username and password to view other content on

Yes, the fact that you have an account on means you are also able to access certain content freely. Your ability to access different areas of other than the Nephrology Gateway, Kidney International, and NCP Nephrology is dependent on whether you have purchased a print subscription to the relevant journal.

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