Nephrology Gateway

The Nephrology Gateway is a pioneering collaboration between the International Society of Nephrology and Nature Publishing Group designed as a 'one stop' information portal. This single point of access provides the latest news on kidney and related diseases, research developments, treatment updates, educational resources, ISN member information and services, and much more.

Aims & Scope

The Nephrology Gateway is an information portal and single point of access to the latest information on renal and related diseases. The Gateway is based on:

• comprehensive, credible, and timely information
• high quality editorial content
• an international scope and knowledge
• active involvement of regular users
• best technology practice for a knowledge environment
• professional management
• effective partnerships

The Nephrology Gateway aims to a premier resource for clinical and basic research on renal and related diseases, thereby fostering international communication and active interaction among its users. It will contribute to better diagnosis and prevention, and help to stimulate major new discoveries and treatments.


Gateway editors regularly seek out the most important and interesting renal topics from peer reviewed journals and credible news sources. The Gateway is editorially independent and designed to provide the latest and most useful health information to the general public as well as to health professionals. The intent is to provide materials that are accurate, unbiased, and not influenced by any commercial interests.

Editor-in-Chief: Jai Radhakrishnan

For more information about Nephrology Gateway, please contact the editorial office:
Nature Publishing Group
75 Varick Street,  9th Floor
New York, NY 10013, USA
Tel: +1 212 726 9628

Publishing & Editorial Policies

The ISN Nephrology Gateway provides health information that conforms to the following guidelines:

• To publish important, well-documented, up-to-date articles on nephrology and allied fields
• To improve public health by providing usable and accurate information
• To provide links and references to the source of the information used
• To keep personal information private and secure
• To achieve a high level of ethics in journalism and to produce materials that are timely, credible, and scientifically accurate

The Gateway will provide content on issues focusing on education and scientific advances in nephrology and allied sciences. The site will include interactive content of in the form of Literature Updates, Reviews, Guidelines, Case Studies, and Health Calculators.

The Gateway writing, review, and editing staff includes academic nephrologists and publishing staff experienced in medical publishing. Although the Gateway provides the most accurate and up-to-date health information, any information provided on this site should be considered general education and is not meant to take the place of professional medical consultation.

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