Exclusive print and online access to KI and NR Nephrology

Kidney International (24 issues) and Nature Reviews Nephrology (12 issues) - ISN's two prestigious publications and their dedicated online portals deliver you the very latest news in research, treatment updates and disease insights throughout the year. Through exclusive online access, ISN members can find full text articles in advance of print, the current issues and an archive of previous issues.

Reduced registration fees for ISN Congresses, Forefront & Nexus Symposia

ISN provides you with an exciting and regular range of educational opportunities to interact and share with peers and colleagues face-to-face.
ISN WCN: Rotating around continents, ISN's biennial World Congresses of Nephrology (WCN) are the leading international educational events for you and the renal community worldwide.
ISN Forefronts: The prestigious ISN Forefronts Symposia offer you a retreat style forum in which to present and debate cutting edge basic research from within and outside of the field.
ISN Nexus – Linking Research to Practice: The Nexus Symposia are specifically designed to unite you with both researchers and practitioners to advance science and treatment around a highly targeted and specific theme of clinical relevance.

Actively help ISN build capacity through its Global Outreach Programs by sharing your expertise and experience in emerging countries

ISN is dedicated to enhancing nephrology in the developing world though its Global Outreach Programs; as an ISN member you are provided with the opportunity to share your expertise by becoming a speaker at an ISN-COMGAN CME meeting, by becoming a host mentor for international Fellows, by undertaking a Visiting Scholarship or developing a renal unit by partnering as its Sister Renal Center.

Exclusive eligibility to benefit from ISN Global Outreach Programs

Through the Global Outreach Programs ISN members from the developing world can obtain Travel Grants to ISN meetings, become home mentors to Fellows who wish to train abroad, enroll their institutions in the Library Enhancement Program or partner with a Sister Renal Center.

Complete access to the ISN Nephrology Gateway

ISN’s education and community portal offers 24/7 access to the latest news on kidney and related diseases, research developments, and educational resources. Only by becoming an ISN Member can you access the full wealth of information contained in this “one stop shop” portal.

Access to the ISN Membership Directory Online

Locate and contact fellow members from around the world through the 'members-only' directory- a powerful networking tool.

Free subscription to ISN News, the Society's official newsletter

The official quarterly newsletter of ISN provides you with a round up of the latest happenings within the Society, including in-depth articles on pressing issues.

Voting rights and eligibility to serve on ISN committees and take up leadership functions


“I found it very valuable to be part of an International Society - both for a better standing in my renal community, but also to gain the benefits of sharing with Nephrologists all over the world - information , assistance, friendship and mentorship.” --Dr Julian Jacobs  

“The ISN meetings and CMEs have brought wonderful, highly respected nephrologists to the doorstep of many nephrologists around the world. It is often difficult for nephrologists to participate in the international meetings, but when a meeting is held locally, ISN brings these world respected colleagues into our countries.”-- Dr. Ivor Katz,

  “The main reason to become a member was to be in contact with all the rest of the nephrological world, especially taking account that I was going to settle in one of the poorest and underdeveloped countries in Latin America.” – Dr. Ricardo Silvestre Arze 

“I am especially fond of the Nature Clinical Practice Nephrology journal because it addresses issues in a relatively brief and understandable way, and its emphasis on clinical issues and timely reviews is particularly useful for the practicing physician.” -- Dr. Peter Lewy 

“Since joining in 1992, ISN has become my scientific home, providing me with resources to help advance nephrology in my country.” –Dr. Raúl Plata-Cornejo 

“In my opinion ISN is the greatest organization of nephrology in the world. By promoting the growth and spread of scientific knowledge and clinical practice of nephrology, ISN stands on the frontline of the field and has attracted scientists and clinicians dedicated to nephrology. I am proud of being one of them.” – Dr. Yan Liu

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Donating to the Barbara L. and Robert W. Schrier Fund for Global Development in Nephrology is an easy way to help combat kidney disease around the world.

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