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Information regarding the activities and announcements of a specific committee or program can be located under the respective webpage.

A detailed listing of all recent ISN-COMGAN funded CMEs, site visits, Fellows, Renal Sister Centers and other programs can be viewed in the below overview of  COMGAN activities per region .

Overview of all COMGAN Fellows and Activities per Region (xls, 313 KB)

Apply now to join the Sister Renal Centers Program in 2010

The annual deadline for applications is September 30!

Any two renal centers/units can form an ISN Sister Renal Center pair provided that:
• At least one center/unit is in the developing world — considered the Emerging Center (EC).
• Both centers are chaired by an ISN member.

Visit the SRC Webpage for more detailed program information.

New Center pairs who would like to join the SRC program can apply for entry at level C; their goal should be to evolve through levels B and eventually A, after which they "graduate" from the program as self-supporting centers. The application system is an online form that allows the main contact person at both centers to access and fill-out the application information. Please contact ISN staff at [email protected] in order to receive your common login details and to access the form. You are required to provide the 2 valid e-mail addresses of the contacts at each center.

Recent COMGAN News: Launching the Educational Ambassadors Program

As of January 2009 the “ISN Educational Ambassadors” program will replace the previous Visiting Scholars Program.

The new program enables centers in the developing world to request a qualified expert to join them onsite for a few weeks to provide them with very specific training or to help initiate and develop new services or community based research and screening programs. The program matches the request against a database of qualified and approved experts and initiates all arrangements between the center and the selected Educational Ambassador; ISN covers certain of the experts expenses  to travel and deliver training for a period of 1-4 weeks. 

The Educational Ambassadors Program involves the ISN-COMGAN Regional Committees in the application process in order to assess the need and relevance of the requests for training. The program aims to advance nephrology through very concrete and immediate progress enabling the impact on the renal health care services in emerging countries to be well monitored.

The program also welcomes applications from volunteer Educational Ambassadors and thus provides ISN members and younger nephrologists with an invaluable opportunity for personal involvement in the societies’ educational programs while also  building the sense of global solidarity and awareness in the renal world.

Detailed information on the program can be found on the program’s webpage

Data and Statistics

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