Regional and Topical Committees

ISN-COMGAN is comprised of several regional and topical committees that form an integral part of ISN’s capacity building endeavors. Please scroll down in order to view a summary of their roles and responsibilities.

In order to view the complete COMGAN leadership roster please download the document here below.

ISN COMGAN Committees Roster (xls, 92.5 KB)

Regional Committees

The regional committees represent the below listed areas. In order to view more information on their specific activities please click on the committee of your interest.



Eastern & Central Europe

Russia & CIS

Middle East     

South Asia

Oceania & South East Asia

East Asia

Topical Committees

In order to view more information on the specific committee activities please click on the committee of your interest.

Education Committee

Kidney Health in Disadvantaged Populations Committee

Hemodialysis Committee

Peritoneal Dialysis Committee

Renal Pathology Committee

ISN-COMGAN Committee's Roles and Responsibilities

The roles of the COMGAN committee members are:

  • Identify and recommend worthy initiatives and projects that are taking place in their region and/or particular topical field of interest that could be eligible for ISN endorsement, programs or partnership.
  • Offer advice and guidance in regards to ISN-COMGAN’s activities in their region.
  • Actively seek out and/or co-organize worthy CME meetings in their region.
  • Be involved in official site visits and fact finding missions in their regions and setting up contact with the national health authorities to meet with the ISN-COMGAN delegation.
  • Encourage applications for all global outreach programs.
    Actively promote new individual and joint society membership.
  • Seek and implement collaboration with the National Societies of Nephrology in their region.
  • Create awareness of current ISN activities and the Global Outreach Programs in order to promote and represent the ISN in an appropriate and up to date fashion.
  • The Committee members are encouraged, whenever possible, to follow up on Sister Renal Centers located in their region as well as on ISN Fellows who have returned to their home country. The Committee members are hereby asked to aid the ISN in verifying that the educational investments made by the society are respected.
  • Prepare short presentations during ISN Workshops or to recommend speakers. 

ISN Official policy on committee roles and responsibilities (pdf, 27.7 KB)

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