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As one of the youngest disciplines in internal medicine, Nephrology became recognized as a specialty only in the second half of the 20th century. This recognition was soon followed by the development of training programs to educate future researchers, teachers, and practitioners in this field.

Recognizing the importance of improving the training of nephrologists in developing areas of the world, ISN COMGAN created an Education Committee to provide clarity and support on this issue.


The Education Committee recently developed a set of recommendations and a curriculum which incorporate the input of various Nephrology societies as well as suggestions resulting from several ISN meetings:

Since the beginning of 2008 the Education Committee has undertaken the responsibility of several Global Outreach Programs and initiatives that have the potential to be of a particularly high educational impact:

  • The Visiting Scholars and Short Visits Program
  • The Library Enhancement Program
  • The review of CME presentations to be used on the Gateway’s educational portal

The Committee also organized an Education Workshop which was held in conjunction with the World Congress of Nephrology (WCN) 2007 in Rió de Janeiro, Brazil.


Chair: Saraladevi Naicker (South Africa)  [email protected]
Co-Chair : Vivekanand Jha (India)  [email protected]

Giovambattista Capasso (Italy)
Ricardo Correa Rotter (Mexico)
Linda Ezekiel (Tanzania)
Michael Field (Australia)
Shan Yan Lin (China)
Pablo Massari (Argentina)
Zaki Morad Mohamed Zaher (Malaysia)
Vishnu Moorthy (USA)
Asghar Rastegar (USA)
Laszlo Rosivall (Hungary)
Nestor Schor (Brazil)
Justin Silver (Israel)
Peter Stenvinkel (Sweden)
Natalia Tomilina (Russia)
Raymond Vanholder (Belgium)


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