South East Asia Committee

This page contains the following sections:
General Information
Mission Statement
CME and Site Visit Reports
Committee Membership

General Information

Represented Countries:

Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Brunei, East Timor, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam


In the ISN-COMGAN News, Data and Reports section you can find a detailed overview of  all recent COMGAN activities per region which includes funded CMEs, site visits, Fellows, Renal Sister Centers and other program activities. A statistical regional breakdown of the ISN outreach activities and Fellows is also provided.

Mission Statement

The Committee aspires to successfully advance Nephrology in all nations represented by the Committee. To achieve this mission the local needs are assessed and addressed by selecting the most relevant COMGAN resources available, including its CME, Fellowship and Sister Renal Centre programs. These endeavours are integrated, where and when possible, with similar national and regional (APSN) programs and resources as well as local health authorities.

The Regional committee has identified the following major obstacles to the advancement of nephrology in their respective region:

  • Geographical imbalance within countries
  • Inadequate medical infrastructure especially in rural areas
  • Lack of resources to implement ESKD programs and/or screening & prevention programs
  • Lack of an adequately trained workforce partly due to the limited training opportunities
  • Lack of local ambition to improve the renal situation


Articles that have published on the region, the committee and its activities include:

Aug. 2007: Up and Running: ISN-COMGAN in Asia-Pacific (pdf, 1.7 MB)

CME and Site Visit Reports

In May 2008 an ISN-COMGAN delegation undertook a fruitful site-visit to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Several hospitals were visited and the delegation was able to meet with several health ministers and highly placed local nephrologists. The visit and meetings were all kindly arranged by Professor Kriang Tungsanga, dynamic Co-Chair of the ISN South East Asia Committee. Please read the report for a detailed status quo of the renal care situation in each of the visited countries as well as briefing on all meetings and site inspections.

The below reports have been submitted to ISN; in order to view the reports, please click on the links.


Contribution from Thai ISN-Fellowship Recipients (ISN-FRs): a progress report 2008 (pdf, 187.4 KB)

Bangkok, Thailand, August 28-29, Strategies to Prevent CKD Progression (pdf, 27.3 KB)

ISN-COMGAN Site Visit to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam (pdf, 41 KB)

Manilla, Philippines, April 16-19, 2008 Philippine Society of Nephrology - Annual Convention (pdf, 27.1 KB)


Vietnam, OSEA Nephrology Course, October 2009 (pdf, 2.6 MB)

Committee Membership (January 2008 - January 2011):

Chair: David Harris (Australia) [email protected]
Co-Chair: Wiguno Prodjosudjadi (Indonesia) [email protected]
Co-Chair: Kriang Tungsanga (Thailand) [email protected]

Lina Choong (Singapore)
Ahmed Ghazali (Malaysia)
Khin Maung Htai (Myanmar)
Peter Kerr (Australia)
Benita Padilla (Philippines)
Johnny Suhardjono (Indonesia)
Vasant Sumethkal (Thailand)
Nguyen Tat Thang (Vietnam)
Gavin Becker (Australia)
Yashiko Tomino (Japan)
Lawrence Chan (USA)
Hla Aung (Brunei)
Thong Sok Hean (Cambodia)
Phanekam Souvannamethy (Laos)


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