Peritoneal Dialysis Committee

Mission Statement

The focus of the group over the coming few years is to support global initiatives in peritoneal dialysis by helping the development of educational programs and materials, collaborating with the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD) and aiding other educational objectives set by COMGAN.


Tanzania – Access to Dialysis Project

The goal is to develop an infrastructure for the provision of acute peritoneal dialysis, primarily for the management of acute renal failure in children. Over a two year period dialysis will be implemented in two of the four major referral hospitals in Tanzania. The primary need is to train doctors, nurses and technicians on inserting catheters and managing the actual treatment.  
ISN’s project leaders are Dr. Linda Ezekiel (Tanzania) and Dr Ram Gokal (UK).

The PD committee maintains contact with a growing number of PD programs in developing countries and works with the ISPD on providing training opportunities and help with the educational support of these programs.

Committee Membership (January 2008 - January 2011)

Chair: Fredric Finkelstein (USA) [email protected]

Peter Blake (Canada)
Raymond Krediet (Netherlands)
Philip Li (China)
Dimitrios Oreopoulos (Canada)

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