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Mission Statement
Committee Membership

7th Satellite on Kidney Diseases in Disadvantaged Populations

Registration and abstract submissions have both been opened!

The Committee for Kidney Health in Disadvantaged Populations (CKHDP) will host
it's 7th Post Congress satellite meeting after the World Congress of Nephrology in Milan.
The meeting, hosted from 26-28 May will focus on renal problems linked to non-communicable diseases faced by racial and ethnic minorities, indigenous and migrant populations.

Mission Statement

To improve the health of disadvantaged communities, both in the developing and developed world, including ethnic and minority groups, that suffer disproportionately from kidney disease and its complications.

Definition of disadvantaged populations: populations at higher-risk for kidney disease including Indigenous peoples such as the Aborigines of Australia, the Maoris of New Zealand, American Indians and Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians of the USA, Pacific Islanders, First Nation Communities of Canada and others, as well as racial and ethnic minorities including peoples of black African descent, the migrant populations of Western Europe and other groups, particularly those living in economically disadvantaged communities.


  • To arrange annual meetings to bring together kidney health care professionals committed to the mission of the group.
  • To advocate for access to renal care for disadvantaged persons suffering from kidney disease.
  • To assist in the early detection and identification of kidney disease in disadvantaged populations
  • To act as a liaison between kidney health care professionals that look after these populations and other ISN-COMGAN committees.
  • To promote affordable treatment and management of chronic kidney disease in these populations.
  • To assist in the development of policy that furthers the cause of kidney disease within developing nations and for disadvantaged communities in developed nations.


Since the establishment of the Subcommittee by COMGAN Chairman John Dirks in 1997, the committee has organized several meetings. David Pugsley (Adelaide, Australia) convened the group and organized the first meeting in association with the XIVth congress of the ISN in Sydney, Australia. It was a two day meeting held on aboriginal land at Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) in Central Australia.  The proceedings of the meeting were subsequently published in the journal NEPHROLOGY. In 1999 a symposium on kidney disease in indigenous populations was held within the XVth Congress of the ISN in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  In October 2000, a workshop focusing on the genetics of kidney disease in indigenous populations and racial and ethnic minority groups was organized within the annual meeting of the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) in Toronto, Canada.  Following the World Congress of Nephrology (WCN) in San Francisco in 2001, a two-day satellite meeting was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico on “Renal Disease in Racial and Ethnic Minorities and Indigenous Populations.”  A similar satellite symposium was held in Ensenada, Mexico in November 2003 following the annual meeting of the American Society of Nephrology in San Diego, California. A satellite symposium to the 3rd WCN was organized in Singapore in 2005. Our latest meeting was a satellite symposium following the 4th WCN in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in April, 2007.

As with the inaugural meeting organized by this group in Central Australia, the proceedings of most of the symposia have been published; the Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Ensenada, Mexico symposia were published as supplement to the journal KIDNEY INTERNATIONAL, Volume 63, S83, February 2003 and Volume 68, S97, August 2005, respectively. The Singapore symposium was published in the journal ETHNICITY AND DISEASE, Volume 16, Spring 2006. The proceedings of our meeting in Rio de Janeiro will also be published shortly in ETHNICITY AND DISEASE. 

An important component of these symposia is providing scholarships to trainees and young investigators from underserved communities and developing countries. This scholarship program has made it possible for many young nephrologists to attend and present relevant posters which were carefully reviewed and rated. The interaction and information sharing among the attendees has also allowed the participants to actively focus on practical aspects of kidney health including prevention, detection, and disease management.


a) Finalizing submission of all Petropolis satellite proceedings to ‘Ethnicity and Disease’ for publication

b) Preparing for next Satellite meeting in Milano (WCN 2009)

c) Spearheading prevention summit in Samoa in consultation with the Indonesia-Pacific-Philippines Committee

d) Co-organize the “Workshop on Kidney Disease in Disadvantaged Populations: Focus on Central America and the Caribbean” with the Central American and Caribbean Society of Nephrology, also in cooperation with the COMGAN Latin America Committee and SLANH. This 1-day Workshop will take place in Antigua, Guatemala, April 16th, 2008. The Central American and Caribbean Congress of Nephrology will be held immediately thereafter and is organized byh the Central American and Caribbean Society of Nephrology

e) Currently a website for the Committee is being developed with the special purpose to post information on the next satellite on it, and to host a discussion forum. The goal of the discussion forum is to keep all those caring for disadvantaged populations -as defined above- in touch with each other and share knowledge. The URL is:

f) The Committee is involved in the development and testing of a training program for General Practitioners in areas where there are no nephrologists. We envision dividing the program in training modules, and when successful, the model may also be applied to many health issues outside nephrology. This can be used as pilot program and if successful in any particular region of the world, other public health issues can be added in that region.

Committee Membership (January 2008 - January 2011)

Chair: Guillermo Garcia (Mexico) [email protected]

Core committee members

Kowdle S Prabhakar
Keith Norris
Larry Agodoa
David Pugsley
Ricardo Correa-Rotter
Shahanaz Shahinfar
Jose Suassuna
Tita Fogazzi
Suresh Sankarasubbaiyan
Randal Lou-Meda


Roberto Zatz
Benita Padilla 
Alfonso Cueto-Manzano
Antonio Lopes
Ana Maria Cusumano
Martin Gregory
Ebun Bamgboye
Sarala Naicker
Wendy Hoy
Abdias Hurtado
Francisco Santacruz
Wiguno Prodjosudjadi
John Dirks
Hai Yang Wang
Jocemir R Lugon
Marcello Tonelli

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