East Asia Committee

This page contains the following sections:
General Information
Mission Statement
CME and Site Visit Reports
Special Fellowships
Committee Membership

General Information

Represented Countries:

China, Mongolia, North Korea, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan.


In the ISN-COMGAN News, Data and Reports section you can find a detailed overview of  all recent COMGAN activities per region which includes funded CMEs, site visits, Fellows, Renal Sister Centers and other program activities. A statistical regional breakdown of the ISN outreach activities and Fellows is also provided.

Drs. H. Wang & R. Barsoum with several Sister Renal Center Participants

Mission Statement

Advocating and implementing the ISN's mission of improving the prevention and treatment of Kidney Diseases in East Asia through education and collaboration.

The following major obstacles to the advancement of nephrology in the region have been identified by the Regional Subcommittee:

  • Language Barrier - most of the nephrologists in this region have difficulties to communicate in English which limits the possibilities to renew knowledge on clinical practice and research.
  • Shortage of financial resources and lack of nephrology experts in view of the vast population.

CME and Site Visit Reports

The below reports on CMEs & Site Visits have been submitted to ISN; in order to view the reports please click on the links.


Nanjing, China, April 25-27, The Second Nanjing International Symposium on Renal Fibrosis+pictures (pdf, 508.7 KB)


Shangai, China, 06-07 June, 2009 Symposium on Secondary Renal Disease and the 5th Shangai International Forum of Nephrology Research Institute (pdf, 33.3 KB)

Special Fellowships

ISN offers a special opportunity for young nephrologists from China. Please click on the link for more information: ISN-China-Hong Kong Visiting Fellowship.

Committee Membership (January 2008 - January 2011):

Chair: Hai Yan Wang (China) [email protected]
Co-Chair: Giuseppe D’Amico (Italy) [email protected]
Co-Chair: Yasuhiko Tomino (Japan) [email protected]

William Couser (USA)
Yoshindo Kawaguchi (Japan)
Philip Kam Tao Li (China)
Shan Yan Lin (China)
Dae Suk Han (Korea)
Janet Roscoe (Canada)
Wu-Chang Yang (China)
Xueqing Yu (China)

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