Hemodialysis Committee

Mission Statement

Initially ISN-COMGAN’s Hemodialysis Advisory Committee predominantly dealt with educational matters such as the provision of speakers for international conferences and the development of training materials and also served to provide ISN with guidance on matters applicable to the field of HD.

More recently the committee has focused on developing plans for providing dialysis where this does not exist.


Tanzania – Access to Dialysis Project

The goal is to develop an infrastructure for the provision of acute peritoneal dialysis, primarily for the management of acute renal failure in children. Over a two year period dialysis will be implemented in two of the four major referral hospitals in Tanzania. The primary need is to train doctors, nurses and technicians on inserting catheters and managing the actual treatment.  
ISN’s project leaders are Dr. Linda Ezekiel (Tanzania) and Dr Ram Gokal (UK).

Committee Membership (January 2008 - January 2011):

Chair: Nathan Levin (USA): [email protected]

Gavin Becker (Australia)
Juergen Bommer (Germany)
Georges Kaysen (USA)
Peter Kotanko (USA)
Karel Leunissen (Netherlands)
Devinder Rana (India)
Michael Rocco (USA)
Claudio Ronco (Italy)
Kriang Tungsanga (Thailand)

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