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General Information
Research and Prevention Program-Call for Proposals
Program Application and Selection Procedures
Committee Members

General Information

Part of ISN COMGAN, the Research & Prevention Committee aims to promote research and educational programs in low-middle-income countries as well as implement research projects on early detection and management of non-communicable chronic diseases, especially targeting chronic kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Its work involves the active participation of local nephrologists and local health workers and authorities.

In 2005 the Committee developed The Detection and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease in Developing Countries (KHDC) document. This KHDC guideline document provides a template format for the set-up of early detection and intervention programs in emerging countries that can be implemented according to the particular needs, organization facilities, and economic imperatives of the given country.

KHDC Guidelines (pdf, 1.4 MB)

The Committee is involved with providing guidance for the set up of programs across the globe; some countries where screening and prevention programs are currently being conducted in accordance to the KHDC are Mozambique, Mexico, Morocco, Indonesia, Cuba, Bolivia, Nepal, Moldova, Egypt, India, Nigeria, China, Mongolia.

Recent efforts have also been focused on data collection and surveillance initiatives in order to help better demonstrate the prevalence of chronic kidney disease and its effective treatment.

News Letter Articles

ISN News letter articles that have been figured on the committee and its activities include:

Feb. 2007: Research Update: Program on Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases in Developing Countries: G. Remuzzi, Chair of the ISN-COMGAN Research and Prevention Committee, explains the latest efforts aimed at assisting developing countries.

Article-Update on Research Program (pdf, 68.9 KB)

Aug.2005: ISN Unveils Prevention Guidelines: ISN Research Committee Chair G. Remuzzi explains ISN’s guidelines for an early detection and management program for kidney disease in emerging countries.

Article: ISN unveils Prevention Guidelines (pdf, 38.5 KB)

Research and Prevention- Call for Proposals

The Committee developed and coordinates the ‘Research and Prevention Call for Proposals´ in order to select and help support prevention projects in developing countries on a competitive basis. The program was launched as a response to the lack of existing programs that strive to detect, manage, and prevent pandemic non-communicable chronic diseases with a global approach.

The Call for Proposals currently focuses on three main areas of activity:

  • Screening: identifying the individuals with chronic kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease by community-based or selective screening programs.
  • Prevention: promoting medical management including health education, lifestyle modification, and pharmacological treatment in order to reduce end stage kidney and cardiovascular disease and mortality.
  • Research: performing small research projects aimed at addressing specific needs at local/regional/country level related to chronic kidney disease.

A full listing of Selected Prevention Projects-July 2008 can be viewed here.

Selected Research and Prevention Projects (xls, 21 KB)

Program Application and Selection Procedures

There are two application rounds each year for submission of the project proposals; the application deadlines are on April 1 and October 1 of every year. The announcement of the awarded projects will be in August and January, respectively.

Projects that have been approved by ISN’s Regional Coordinators and evaluated by an independent and geographically representative ISN Selection Committee will receive partial seed funding for the set-up of the local program.

In order to submit an application, please review the detailed application guidelines and project criteria.

Application guidelines and criteria (pdf, 105.7 KB)

Committee Members

Chair: Giuseppe Remuzzi (Italy): [email protected]

Anita Aperia (Sweden)
Daniel Batlle (USA) 
Igor Codreanu (Moldova) 
Marc De Broe (Belgium) 
Dick De Zeeuw (Netherlands) 
Meguid El Nahas (United Kingdom) 
Raul Herrera Valdes (Cuba) 
Priscilla Kincaid Smith (Australia)
William Mitch (USA) 
Norberto Perico (Italy) 
Sanjib Kumar Sharma (Nepal) 
Laura Sola (Uruguay) 

Call for Proposals Review Committee
Chair: William Couser (USA)
Claudio Aros (Chile)
Marc De Broe (Belgium)
Kunitoshi Iseki (Japan) 
Pablo Massari (Argentina) 
Roberto Pecoits Filho (Brazil)
Sanjib Kumar Sharma (Nepal)
Marcello Tonelli (Canada)
Gavin Becker (Australia)

Regional Coordinator Eastern & Central Europe, Russia & CIS
Dick De Zeeuw (Netherlands): [email protected]

Regional Coordinator Middle East, Arabia, N. Africa & Mediterranean
Meguid El-Nahas (UK): [email protected]

Regional Coordinator Latin America 
Dr. Ricardo Correa-Rotter (Mexico): [email protected]

Regional Coordinator Africa
Sarala Naicker (South Africa): [email protected]

Regional Coordinator South Asia
Muthu Mani (India) : [email protected]

Regional Coordinator East Asia, South East Asia
Philip Li (China-Hong Kong): [email protected]

Regional Coordinator Oceania
David Harris (Australia): [email protected]


Staff Contact

Ms An Devriese
ISN Global Outreach Programs Manager
[email protected]

Ms Sophie Dupuis
ISN Global Outreach Programs Coordinator
[email protected]

ISN Global Operations Center
22-24 Rue du Luxembourg
1000 Brussels, Belgium


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