The Council is the governing body of ISN.  Councilors are elected from among the membership and are responsible to that membership; they are in term for a period of six years.

The primary responsibilities of the Council are to set directions, supervise the activities of the Executive Committee and the various Committees and establish policies and procedures that outline how ISN will operate and the leadership to accomplish its mission.

Council Members

Georgi Abraham         (India)
Gavin Becker             (Australia)
Roland Blantz            (USA) - elected in May 2009
Jorge Cannata-Andía  (Spain) - elected in May 2009
Ana Cusumano          (Argentina)
Dick de Zeeuw           (The Netherlands) - elected in May 2009
Kai-Uwe Eckardt         (Germany) - elected in May 2009
Allison Eddy               (USA) - elected in May 2009
Meguid El Nahas         (UK) - elected in May 2009
Juan Fernández-Cean (Uruguay)
Agnes Fogo                (USA)
Marta Franco              (Mexico)
Richard Johnson         (USA)
Peter Kerr                  (Australia) - elected in May 2009
Suhnggwon Kim          (South Korea) - elected in May 2009
Adeera Levin              (Canada)
Nathan Levin              (USA)
Philip Li                     (Hong Kong- China)
Sergio A. Mezzano      (Chile) - elected in May 2009
Toshio Miyata             (Japan)
Saraladevi Naicker       (South Africa)
Maher Fouad Ramzy    (Egypt) - elected in May 2009
Rezvi Sheriff               (Sri Lanka)
Laszlo Rosivall            (Hungary) - elected in May 2009
Riyad Said                  (Jordan)
Kamil Serdengeçti        (Turkey)
Peter Stenvinkel          (Sweden)
Marcello Tonelli           (Canada) - elected in May 2009
Chih-Wei Yang            (Taiwan) - elected in May 2009


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