World Kidney Day


 The next World Kidney Day will be on Thursday 12 March 2009.

The purpose of World Kidney Day is to raise public awareness about the major role of the kidneys in overall health and to spread the key message that

“kidney disease is common, harmful and treatable”

WKD is also a tool to emphasize the importance of the early detection and treatment of CKD as a major public health issue and its impact on other non-communicable diseases.

It was launched for the first time in 2006 and it is held the second Thursday of March. Up to date it has been held three times:

• 13 March 2008: WKD celebrated in 65 countries
• 8 March 2007: WKD celebrated in 65 countries
• 9 March 2006: WKD celebrated in 48 countries


Visit the dedicated WKD website for more detailed information on WKD activities, promotional materials and how you can actively contribute.

World Kidney Day is a joint initiative of the ISN and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF).


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