General Information

The ISN has long since recognized that treating nephrology as a solo discipline will not allow us to achieve our desired aim of reducing the incidence and impact of kidney disease worldwide.

With the increased understanding of the role of the kidneys in general health and many other related diseases, the ISN has set up several new collaborations and alliances over the last few years. New collaborative partnerships, coalitions, and alliances have been actively pursued in order to expand ISN’s reach and promote the importance of nephrology in and around other interrelated specialties (primarily obesity, cardiology, hypertension, diabetes and transplantation, including general practitioners) as well as non-physician groups such as nurses, technicians, pharmacists, nutritionists, social workers and patients.

Current partnerships

International Pediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA)
ISN and IPNA share many goals in seeking to promote nephrology worldwide in both he developed and developing world. In 2010 the two Societies have agreed to formalize their partnership and to start working together towards common goals, which will be expressed in a number of specific projects, aimed at promoting education in developing countries.


Global Alliance for Transplantation
The ISN is a member of the Global Alliance for Transplantation; an initiative driven by The Transplant Society with the goal to address global inequities in the access to transplantation.

High Blood Pressure Stakeholder Group
This is a report put together by the London School of Economics in collaboration with the Karolinska University in Stockholm and supported by an eminent group of major regional and international societies in the fields of hypertension, cardiology, stroke, diabetes and nephrology.

Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO)
KDIGO is a global non-profit foundation dedicated to improving the care and outcomes of kidney disease patients worldwide. The ISN supports KDIGO guidelines dissemination through its journal, Kidney International, and participates into planning meetings of the KDIGO advisory board. More information on KDIGO is here. The initial KDIGO position statement and the committees findings are here.

European Kidney Health Alliance (EKHA)
EKHA is an alliance of not-for-profit organisations who represent the key stakeholders in kidney health issues in Europe. Together with ERA-EDTA, the ISN represents the nephrology perspective and is actively engaged in a range of activities aimed at bringing kidney disease high in the agenda of European policy makers.

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