European Kidney Health Alliance

General Information

Since its launch in 2006 the EKHA is committed to addressing the urgent need for action to raise awareness of kidney disease in Europe and in particular the benefits of early detection. The members work in cooperation with other health organizations at EU level to provide advice to the EU institutions and health bodies on research policies and programs of relevance to the kidney and related medical communities and promote awareness of such methods to the general public.

EKHA brings together five major European and international organizations representing kidney health stakeholders (patients, nurses, physicians and researchers):

  • CEAPIR (European Kidney Patients' Federation)
  • EDTNA/ERCA (European Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association/ European Renal Care Association)
  • ERA-EDTA (European Kidney Patients' Federation)
  • IFKF (International Federation of Kidney Foundations)
  • ISN (International Society of Nephrology)

For more detailed information on EKHA please visit the dedicated EKHA website.  EKHA has also developed the below fact sheet on 'The Kidney in Health and Disease'.

EKHA Fact Sheet: The kidney in health and disease (pdf, 159.7 KB)

EKHA has recently responded to the European Medicine Agency’s consultation document for a draft guideline on clinical investigation of immunosuppressants for solid organ transplantation. Download the below position paper in order to read EKHA’s suggestions on the EMEA guidelines.

Jan2008-EKHA position paper on EMEA Guidelines (pdf, 26.4 KB)

Mission and Goals

EKHA’s Mission & Goals can be summarized as follows:

  • Raise Awareness of the importance of kidney health and the need for action particularly regarding early detection and its role in slowing the progression of CKD.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information between the European Kidney Community, EU institutions and organizations in charge of health policy throughout the EU.
  • Promote best practice for patient care for those with kidney disease by developing consistent strategies for educating and training stakeholders throughout the EU.
  • Support the developments of new technologies and therapeutic approaches through the promotion of research and its translation into clinical practice.
  • Cooperate with EU Health organizations addressing areas linked to kidney disease.

EKHA Management Team

Chair: Andy Rees ([email protected])

CEAPIR: Knud Erben, Mark Murphy
EDTNA/ERCA: Josep Maria Gutierrez Vilaplana, Althea Mahon
ERA-EDTA: Jorge cannata, Rosanna Coppo
ISN: Eberhard Ritz, Ton Rabelink

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