ISN GO Committees

General Information

In the mid-1990s ISN created the Global Outreach (GO) Programs to provide an umbrella for all of the Society's outreach and capacity building programs and efforts in the developing world. The ISN GO Programs  aim to improve clinical care awareness at a global level and  efforts are positioned to reach out to countries and regions of the world most in need of better renal care.

Detailed information on the ISN GO Programs, its programs and committees can be found under ISN Global Outreach Programs.

The ISN GO Programs are led by a Core Committee bringing together the Chairs of the CME Program, Fellowship Program, the Sister Renal Centre Program, the Research & Prevention Committee and the Education Committee. The ISN GO Programs also comprise of several regional and topical committees that form an integral part of ISN’s capacity building endeavors.

Download the complete ISN GO Program leadership roster.

ISN GO Committees Roster (xls, 107.5 KB)

ISN GO Core Committee Members

ISN GO Programs Chair:
William Couser (USA) [email protected]

Sister Renal Center Program:
Paul Harden (UK) [email protected]

Fellowship Program:
David Harris (Australia) [email protected]

CME Program:
Norbert Lameire (Belgium) [email protected]

Education Committee:
Saraladevi Naicker (South Africa) [email protected]

Research & Prevention Committee:
Giuseppe Remuzzi (Italy) [email protected]

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