Publications Committee

General Information

The mission of the ISN Publications Committee is to oversee and evaluate all publications efforts of the ISN from a business, organizational and financial point of view; represent the interests of the Society towards partners and vendors in ISN publications efforts; and assist the Society and the respective editors and editorial teams in their overall support of ISN's mission.


The responsibilities of the Publications Committee are focused on the following publications: Kidney International, Nature Clinical Practice Nephrology, ISN news, ISN Nephrology Gateway.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the ISN publications contribute to the overall goals of the ISN.
  • Ensuring effective organizational planning and in the strategic development of the ISN publications.
  • Developing and revising policies and procedures for all non-editorial aspects of ISN publications.
  • Based on its evaluation, recommending the appointment and/or replacement of ISN publications editors.
  • Providing overall oversight of the institutional locations of editorial operations, and accompanying editorial budgets.
  • Negotiating with publishers and other vendors and recommending to the Executive Committee publishing arrangements for ISN publications.
  • Reviewing and recommending other publication strategies (books, news, online, etc.) for the achievement of ISN's publications goals.
  • Evaluating the competitive position of ISN's publications.
  • Defining and monitoring the interrelationship of ISN publications, specifically, potential issues of: overlap, competition, and/or, redundancy.
  • Developing strategies to increase international distribution of ISN publications.
  • Collaborating with the editors of ISN publications to provide necessary resources for their respective publications.
  • Establishing and monitoring all financial aspects of the ISN publications — particularly in relation to the overall budget of the Society. All decisions involving financial obligations must be brought forward to the Executive Committee for final discussion and voting.
  • Reviewing and recommending (to the Executive Committee) any and all contractual issues related to ISN publications or publishing activities.
  • Representing the Society and the Committee, as required, with vendors, partners and other third parties (such as sponsors, consultants, lawyers).
  • Helping to enhance the Society's image through publications efforts.
  • Assisting in resolution of any disputes that may arise between editors or editorial staffs and outside individuals or entities or between the editors and the Society leadership.

Editorial functions and decisions are the responsibility of the Editors of each ISN publication. Operational and Administrative functions are the responsibility of Publications Committee, which may delegate these responsibilities to the ISN Headquarters, the ISN Publishing Consultant or other individuals or parties as deemed necessary.

Committee Membership (January 2008 - January 2011)

Chair: William E. Mitch (USA) [email protected]
Co-Chair: Tilman Drueke (France) [email protected]
Amin Arnaout (USA)
Emmanuel Brudmann (Brazil)
John Feehally (United Kingdom)
Giuseppe Remuzzi (Italy)
Roberto Pecoits Filho (Brazil)
Bernardo Rodriguez-Iurbe (Venezuela)
Victor Schuster (USA)

Carol Pollock (Australia)
Qais Al Awqati (USA)
Jai Radhakrishnan (USA)
Robert Schrier (USA)

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