History of Nephrology Committee

General Information

The Committee on the History of Nephrology maintains a historical record on the development of ISN and the broader evolution of nephrology in general.

Read about ISN's History on the dedicated History WebPage.


Prior to 1997, this commission's activities were mainly limited to organizing events on the history of nephrology at the ISN Congresses. Since 1997 the following initiatives were launched:

committee membership (january 2008 - january 2011)

Chair: Leon Fine (USA) [email protected]

John Stewart Cameron (United Kingdom)
Robert Chevalier (USA)
Natale Gaspare De Santo (Italy)
Athanasios Diamandopoulos (Greece)
Garabed Eknoyan (USA)
Giovanni Fogazzi (Italy)
Charles George (Australia)
Rolf Kinne (Germany)
Boleslaw Rutkowski (Poland)
David Salant (USA)
Gunter Wolf (Germany)

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