Young Nephrologists Committee

General Information

In early 2007, the ISN created the Young Nephrologists Committee (YNC) to help better engage its talented younger members in shaping the future of the Society. The mission of the YNC is to evaluate and understand the needs of young physicians and scientists in order to develop education, research, professional development and leadership opportunities within the Society tailored specifically to their needs. The Committee consists of a core group of 10 members, representing the various geographic regions of the ISN.


To ensure seamless integration into the Society, members of the group will soon begin to participate in the various society committees and develop a coherent program of activities designed to speak to all early career stage nephrologists currently in the ISN (approximately 20% of the society's membership), as well as to attract new junior nephrologists to the society.

Committee Membership (January 2008 - January 2011)

Chair:  Fiona Brown (Australia) [email protected]

Fatiu Abiola Arogundade (Nigeria)
Mark Courtney (Canada)
Joost Hoenderop (Netherlands)
Vassilios Liakopoulos (Greece)
Julie Lin (USA)
Aggrey Maweeba (South Africa)
Roberto Pecoits Filho (Brazil)
Jeffrey Perl (Canada)
Manisha Sahay(India)
Carsten Wagner (Switzerland)
Motoko Yanagita (Japan)

Adeera Levin (Canada)
Carol Pollock (Australia)
Claudio Ronco (Italy)

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