ISN Bywaters Award

The Bywaters Award was established by the ISN Acute Kidney Injury Committee in order to recognize outstanding contributions to the understanding of acute renal failure. The recipient of the Bywater’s Award is honored for lifetime achievement in the field of acute renal failure. The award is given at the biannual Acute Renal Failure Satellite Symposia held in conjunction with the World Congresses of Nephrology.

Recipients of the Bywaters Award
2015 Kirpal Chugh  
2013 Bruce A. Molitoris Ori Better
2011 Ravindra L Mehta  
2009 Claudio Ronco  
2007 Joseph Bonventre  
2005 Norbert Lamiere  
2003 Robert Schrier  
1999 Franklin Epstein  
1997 George Porter  
1995 Haskel Eliahou  
1991 Ori Better  


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