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ISN-Advancing Clinical Trials (ACT)

The ISN-ACT is a new initiative of the ISN intended to leverage existing infrastructures within ISN, in order to improve global nephrology community participation in clinical trial research, through a series of activities and initiatives.

The aim of ISN-ACT is to increase the number of international high-quality clinical trials in nephrology, informing the optimal prevention and treatment of kidney disease and its complications for the benefit of patients.

ISN–ACT has several key goals: 
1. To bring together people undertaking clinical trials and related studies in nephrology, in order to facilitate interaction, sharing of experiences, and collaboration
2. To provide a forum for the discussion of key scientific, operational and analytic issues facing clinical trial researchers in kidney disease
3. To grow the capacity of the global nephrology community to conduct high quality clinical trials and studies by connecting researchers with different levels of experience, and through specific training initiatives within the ISN framework
4. To develop ISN led and/or supported activities which help to standardise high-quality trial conduct in nephrology

Join the ISN-ACT!
Apply OnlinePlease note that only ISN active members can join the ISN-ACT initiative.
If you are an ISN member interested to join this great inititative, submit your application online.

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