ISN Yearbook

ISN Programs 2015: A year in review

1. Feehally

John Feehally
ISN Programs Chair

Nephrology is at different stages of development globally, and we work hard to tailor the support we give, through the ISN Programs to the particular needs of each country and region.

The advice and guidance of ISN’s Regional Boards is crucial to help us succeed. The landscape of our Programs is changing. Traditionally input from North America and Europe provided the bulk of expertise, but ISN is supporting more and more partnerships between countries in the same region, as well as between developing countries.

At present, Africa is our most active applicant, but we welcome candidates from all over the emerging world, and our Regional Boards are working hard to make us all aware of the great opportunities available.

We know that much more can be done, and we are very pleased that the available resources are steadily increasing through partnerships with a wide range of organizations and individuals, who share our vision to build sustainable nephrology capacity in low-and-middle income countries.

All of this would be impossible without the passion and commitment of the many who give their time and expertise generously and freely to ensure the best education and training experience – I thank you all.

ISN Programs Chair John Feehally


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