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Studies (randomized controlled, cohort controlled, observational) that address diverse questions frequently have large validated databases, representing global populations.

They contain data on kidney function and some measures of hydration (fluid intake, urine volume, osmolality and sodium).

Promoting and supporting the use of this data to study the effect of hydration on health will broaden the awareness and knowledge of the effect of hydration on kidney health.

The H4KH initiative will expand the level of scientific evidence, on the effects of hydration on kidney health, increase research capacity, develop further trans-disciplinary research networks and create sustainability for researchers.

Results of the 2015 H4KH Research Initiative

The H4KH research initiative called for candidates from all disciplines relevant to kidney disease (clinical, health services and population health disciplines) to apply for the following two research grants: New Investigator Grant ($70,000US over two years) and Hydration and Kidney Health Grant ($50,000US over two years).

8 applications have been received for the 2015 H4KH research initiative. The Steering Committee of eminent nephrologists in the field of Hydration have assessed and selected the applications. 

Find out about results:

New Investigator Grant

Hydration and Kidney Health Grant

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kidney hydrationDanone Nutricia Research and the ISN have collaborated to create the Hydration for Kidney Health (H4KH) research initiative to stimulate the interest of established and new researchers to explore the role of hydration in kidney health.

H4KH Research Initiative Steering Committee:

– Louise Moist (Canada), Chair
– Marcello Tonelli (Canada)
– William Clark (Canada)
– Germaine Wong (Australia)
– Immaculada Buendia, Danone Nutricia Research (France)
– Laurent Le Bellego, Danone Nutricia Research (France) 

Supported by a grant from:

Danone Nutricia Research

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