Sister Transplant Centers Program

 ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program

ISN TTS SRCThe ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program is a joint partnership set up between ISN and The Transplantation Society (TTS) to create new kidney transplant centers and develop existing kidney transplant programs in emerging countries. Following the success of the ISN Sister Renal Centers Program, this initiative encourages transplant centers to work together to increase opportunities for kidney transplant patients in developing countries.

An experienced transplant center in the developed world lends its support to an emerging transplant center to facilitate vital multidisciplinary training and encourage both centers to exchange their knowledge and expertise.

The results are beneficial to both sides. Supporting centers get involved in global health, spread ethical and competent transplantation to regions of the world with limited or no current access to transplantation. Emerging centers connect with a multidisciplinary team of international experts in transplantati on from a world-leading center. 

Application deadline October 1st every year

Apply Online

Every level has a status

Level C is the first stage within the program. Sister center partnerships jointly enter the program at Level C for a period of two years. They receive basic annual funds from ISN and TTS  to help develop and support training links. These centers are eligible for an upgrade to a level B position if the progress reports are satisfactory.

Level B is the second stage within the program. Sister center partnerships which have shown significant progress in Level C can move to Level B after two years and receive further funding and benefits.

Level A is the final stage. Level B centers can apply competitively for an upgrade to Level A after two years. These upgrades are reserved for those few partnerships whose emerging sister centers show the most promising development towards centers of excellence in their region.

Honorary  HB Level are failed upgrades from B to A which have one additional chance to apply for an upgrade.

ISN -TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program Guidelines and other important information for your submission are available on the online submission site.

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