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ISN has long been deeply and successfully engaged in advancing kidney care around the world through its various ISN Programs. With World Kidney Fund we are expanding our actions.

World Kidney Fund is the ISN’s direct online fundraising platform that was launched in November 2014. It collects individual donations for specific ISN projects.

World Kidney Fund donors have the opportunity to contribute to a project of their choosing and follow its evolution. The money received by World Kidney Fund for each individual project is directed exclusively at making this project happen.

World Kidney Fund supports projects aimed at improving kidney care around the world. We fund education and training to bring better kidney care in countries where doctors lack experience and patients keep dying needlessly. Our aim is always to create long-term, sustainable care to give kidney patients a better future.

We match experience with needs. We do not provide short term solutions that would deal with the problem of kidney care only temporarily. We provide the most powerful and sustainable of tools: education. We train doctors to improve kidney care in their hospitals and be able to treat more patients and better; we share knowledge and experience with doctors who really want to make a difference for their patients. We trigger a virtuous circle where doctors acquire knowledge and pass it on to the next generation, creating a self-sustainable and successful model. See more in our successful projects section and find out how many we have already helped.

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World Kidney Fund Coordinator: Agnese Ruggiero – [email protected]

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