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ISN has established official society affiliations with 92 national and regional societies which are properly constituted and adequately represent those concerned with nephrology in their locality. It is increasingly important for the ISN to bring together the global nephrology community through these affiliations  to successfully lobby health authorities and create awareness on a global scale yet appropriate to regional necessities and situations.

ISN reaches more than 20,000 nephrology-related professionals through its partnerships with its affiliated societies, making it the leading international organization for the prevention and treatment of kidney disease.

Click here if you are interested for your society to become an Affiliated Society of the ISN

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African Association of Nephrology
Egyptian Society of Nephrology
Kenya Renal Association
Moroccan Society of Nephrology
Nephrology Society of Tanzania
Nigerian Association of Nephrology
Senegalese Society of Nephrology
South African Renal Society (ISN Collective Member Society*)
Tunisian Society of Nephrology

eastern & central europe

Albanian Society of Nephrology
Association for nephrology, dialysis and transplantation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgarian Society of Nephrology
Croatian Society of Nephrology, Dialysis & Transplantation
Estonian Society of Nephrology
Hungarian Society of Nephrology
Latvian Association of Nephrology
Macedonian Soc. of Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation and Artificial Organs
Moldavian Society of Nephrology
Polish Society of Nephrology
Romanian Society of Nephrology
Association of Cardionephrology of Serbia 
Slovenian Society of Nephrology
Turkish Society of Nephrology

latin america

Argentina Society of Nephrology
Bolivian Society of Nephrology
Brazilian Society of Nephrology
Chile Society of Nephrology (ISN Collective Member Society*)
Colombian Society of Nephrology
Costarican Society of Nephrology
Cuban Society of Nephrology
Ecuadorian Society of Nephrology 
Association of Nephrology and Hypertension of El Salvador
Guatemalan Society of Nephrology
Latin-American Society of Nephrology and Hypertension
Mexican College of Nephrologists
Mexican Institute for Nephrologycal Research
Panamanian Society of Nephrology
Paraguayan Society of Nephrology
Peruvian Society of Nephrology (ISN Collective Member Society*)
Puerto Rican Society of Nephrology and Hypertension
Uruguayan Society of Nephrology
Venezuelan Society of Nephrology

middle east

Arab Society of Nephrology & Renal Transplantation
Emirates Medical Association Nephrology Society
Iranian Society of Nephrology (ISN Collective Member Society*)
Iraqi Society of Nephrology
Jordan Society of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation (ISN Collective Member Society*)
Kuwait Nephrology Association
Lebanese Society of Nephrology & Hypertension
Saudi Society of Nephrology
Syrian Society of Nephrology & Transplantation
Yemen Society for Nephrology and Transplantation

NIS & russia

Dialysis, Nephrology and Kidney Transplantation Union of Georgia
Society of Nephrologists, Dialysis and Transplant Physicians of Kazakhstan
Russian Dialysis Society

north & east asia

Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology
Chinese Society of Nephrology
Hong Kong Society of Nephrology (ISN Collective Member Society*)
Japanese Society of Nephrology
Korean Society of Nephrology
Mongolian Society of Nephrology and Urology
Taiwan Society of Nephrology

north america

American Society of Nephrology
Canadian Society of Nephrology (ISN Collective Member Society*)

oceania & South east asia

Australian and New Zealand Society Of Nephrology (ISN Collective Member Society*)
Indonesian Society of Nephrology
Malaysian Society of Nephrology
Myanmar NephroUro Society
Nephrology Society of Thailand
Philippine Society of Nephrology (ISN Collective Member Society*)
Singapore Society of Nephrology

south asia

Bangladesh Renal Association
Indian Society of Nephrology
Pakistan Society of Nephrology and Urology

western europe

Austrian Society of Nephrology
Belgian-Dutch Speaking Society of Nephrology
British Association of Pediatric Nephrology
Danish Society of Nephrology
Dutch Federation of Nephrology (ISN Collective Member Society*)
French Society of Nephrology
German Society of Nephrology
Hellenic Society of Nephrology
Irish Kidney Association
Irish Nephrology Society
Israel Society of Nephrology and Hypertension (ISN Collective Member Society*)
Italian Society of nephrology
Norwegian Society of Nephrology
Portuguese Society of Nephrology
Renal Association
Spanish Society of Nephrology/Fundacion Senefro (ISN Collective Member Society*)
Swedish Society of Nephrology
Swiss Society of Nephrology (ISN Collective Member Society*)

* ISN Collective Member Societies 

CLICK HERE for a list of selected ISN Affiliated Societies events.

Benefits for Affiliated Societies

ISN Affiliated Societies can benefit from certain privileges including:

  • Possibility to sign up for Collective Membership which entails signing up at least 75% of membership base for ISN membership at a reduced rate
  • Priority consideration for organisating joint events (World Congresses, Nexus symposia)
  • Priority endorsement of special courses and/or events
  • Announcement of courses and/or events through ISN media (Website, Newsletter, e-Updates).

Application and Administrative Information

Affiliated Societies may be other scientific societies or represent a country, a grouping of countries by common consent, a region, a continent, or other geographic entities.

Societies interested in applying for Affiliated Society Status are requested to submit the application form below. The following accompanying documents are to be adjoined:

  • Letter of intent
  • Constitution of the society
  • Description of the society activities over the past 3 years
  • Endorsement by regional society if applicable

Once the application has been received, it will be reviewed by the ISN Executive Director and submitted to the ISN Council for ratification. Affiliated Society Application Form

To keep contact details for all Affiliated Societies up to date, each Affiliate Society is requested to inform the ISN Global Headquarters of any important leadership and/or contact changes. Please use this form

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