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Fellowship Etienne

Through the ISN Fellowship Programs, Fellows from Low and Middle Income countries get individual and hands-on training in their selected host institutions. They return home with new skills and knowledge in basic and clinical nephrology, dialysis, transplantation, epidemiology. They improve treatment, teach and train others and become future leaders in the developing world. Over the years, this program has also allowed nephrologists from all over the world to train in host centers in their own regions rather than exclusively in North America, Europe or Australasia.

Application Procedure

Apply OnlineApplying fellows must identify a Home Mentor (a high-level nephrologist and ISN member). He or she will help locate a suitable Host Institution and Mentor (also an ISN member) to establish a strong relationship, match interests and develop a training plan. All graduated fellows agree to submit a report at the end of their fellowship, stating the benefits and outcome of their experience. They must also try to maintain ties with the Host Institution to set up a Sister Center partnership.

There are two applications rounds every year. You can either submit your application before May 1st or October 1st. We will now only accept online applications.

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