Educational Ambassadors

Specific expert training

Photo EAP Vietnam 2011

Through this program, nephrology centers in the emerging world can request a teacher or an expert to join them onsite for the provision of very specific hands on training (examples would include development of a renal pathology service, setting up of an intervention nephrology program, specific education around research methodology, developing dialysis programmes or short courses in paediatric nephrology) or setting up community screening.

Typically, experts spend 1 to 2 weeks in these centres, interact with local trainees, and most importantly, provide hands-on technological assistance and training. We expect that the Ambassador’s visit will only be the starting point of an ongoing engagement between the trainee centre and the Ambassador. It is hoped that the visit will lead to continued mentorship and for the engagement through other ISN programs or even outside the ISN ambit.

Apply Online

The ISN realises that developing these programs often requires the assistance of paramedical and laboratory professionals, and is therefore willing to support the travel of nurses or technicians.

Application procedure

There are two applications rounds every year. You can either submit your application before May 1st or October 1st. We will now only accept online applications. 

 Please read the EAP Guidelines before you apply.


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