Biennial Report

ISN Biennal report 2013 2015

ISN is a large global society which has, since its foundation, pursued the worldwide advancement of education, science and patient care in nephrology.

Looking back at the past two years, through its many programs that were already in place, ISN has contributed to further promoting strategies for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease at the global level with significant

Remarkable results have been obtained in raising public awareness of the importance of early recognition and treatment of kidney diseases throughout several initiatives like World Kidney Day, by connecting professional interest in kidney and related diseases around the world, and providing nephrology education and training worldwide through the Fellowship programs and CME courses. In part, these achievements are driven by a genuine interest of nephrologists around the world in reaching equity of access to knowledge and care and have also been made possible by significant scientific advances which many laboratories and clinical centers around the world have produced in the kidney disease field.

Flip through the ISN Biennial Report 2013-2015: 

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